Fk off Gala

Decide to play the Gala Online Final in an attempt to pick up a nice value package for the Coral Masters Tour on Sunday night.
Not bore ya with too many hands as these games basically come down to coin flips late on and never had much luck in this game. 2 packages on offer and from about 6 finals Ive played Ive had 3 bubbles. Have one bit of luck getting to final table when calling a lowish stack shove with AdJd from the sb for the BB to re shove and Im committed to the call. JJ AJ KK and bingo the Ace.

5 left and the coin flips begin and make it to last 3. Killer hand was low stack of 3 shoving UTG for myself and BB Chip Leader to both call. We both hold AQ and the low stack flips a lovely 23 for which the 2 had hit.

Eventually when tight 2nd in chips I ship with AQ for chip leader to wake up with KK.

Bubble boy again and roll on GUKPT!!!!