After last weekends strenuous attempts at playing Golf again in gale force wind and then the long hours at the NPF Birthday/Awards bash I was feeling totally wrecked on Sunday & Monday and spent alot of time trying to catch up with sleep and had decided NOT to play anymore poker being it live or my odd dabble online but that changed on Wednesday night when needing to go over to the Grosvenor to sort out the NPF League seats that were won and to get people registered into their games.
Get that sorted and the lure of a quick 36 runner tournie was too much to resist and 6 hours later I chop it 2 ways but unlucky not to get a free seat into their special £100 game as a 40 runner min is required for this.

No more poker now till GUKPT week but NO again. Friday night and fancy going out so take in the Aspers £20 Strike it Lucky game which gets a good field (132 runners) but with such a fast structure its a real shove fest and attracts alot of one night players. Great some of the table crack at these games as players explain their actions and exploits. Get decent starting table but also know its ganna be one of the 1st tables to break as well. Get the double up ya need in this game when my 66 hits the A65 flop and when another 5 comes at the turn Im milking the certain Ace held by the BB and the river gets my bet to be shoved in on and sure enough his monsta A3 is not enough.
Table move and sat next to very very chatty and smiley young lad who informed me he used to play couple of years ago but this was only his 2nd time hes played since then. This lad is built like a doorman or athlete but came over as a really nice lad to be honest out for a good laugh on a Friday night in town and was meeting some lass he met from last week when pissed later that evening. When I asked him why he hadnt been playing he said "Ive been away" and at 1st I thought me meant working away but on abit more Kojak work he told me he had been in jail. Naughty boy or what and eventually he tells me hes been inside for manslaughter. Fuck me and originally was charged with murder. Seems when he was 17 he gets into a fight with his mate at a nightclub in Durham and knocks him out with one punch and as the lad fell he bangs his head causing a blockage of blood supply to the brain and his mate dies.
To be fair to this lad he really did seem in remorse and had been released after 2 years of a 4 year stretch but was also very much aware of how bad his mates family were feeling and had also moved away from where he used to live.
Our table is broke and 2 hands later the lad passes my table after busting and on his way to l"amour he hopes with the bird hes meeting at 11.00
Avg stack in this game rarely gets above 6 bbs and as we reach last 30 players Im on 5 bbs and shove from button with KQ to meet AJ in the BB. AK flop but saving K on the river puts me right back in game and was only hand I entered all night that I was behind in.
20 left and hit nice run of hands that hold and make final table as chip leader. 2nd in chips is a lad who had been on my table who was always well over bet stealing many times but was well paid when shoving with AA n KK.
"Jack the Lad" continues this pattern at final table by betting 6xBB from button and when BB shoves with 99 his extra 1 bb call has him revealing the monsta Ks5s. As6s3s flop gives him the chip lead now and as we get 6 handed me and him have majority of chips in play. My KK BB is passed with no action and as I pass my sb I find 10 10 on the button next hand into Chip leader Jack the Lad BB. On blinds of 4/8k I make it 24k to play to which he calls. Flop comes J103 and he announces all in. Wow over 2/3rds of chips in play here and I snap call for him to show 9J. Hes up shaking his head and bang Q turn and river K to land his straight and I simply walk away from table thinking wot a fkn shit game we play but with no feeling of annoyance and glad its not any of the GUKPT games Im playing next week ( yet )

Good night and the only hand I lost all night. Feeling good for next week looking forward to Mondays 2 day £200 game and then in for the Main Event Day 1a on the Thursday. May the Poker Gods shine down please.

With the crack on the young lad above I received this T Shirt pic and funnily enough thought of him out there on his exploits. Great shirt and Im sure some great opening chat up lines would greet anyone daring enough to wear it


Varzee said...

nice post m8. what about that t-shirt. lol