Well aint posted for some time , basically because I had a very quiet March due to a bad run which lasted most of February

So along comes April and im looking for some sort of challenge as im feeling a bit bored of the same old grind, there are a few players doing a bankroll challenge on the "NPF" , however i have done 1 before and the thought of doing it again isn,t that appealing.

Anyway im running ok and make a few final tables at the grosvenor , there are a few regular faces at these FT,s and 1 other guy is a constant ,Graeham Newton,,AKA(super ref)on the NPF.
Anyway he is constantly going on about how he is winning the national league and after a few final tables that we play together he says , ""your doing ok gaz"",, HUH am i,, so i take a look at this league which has been running nearly 2 weeks and sure enough im sitting in 19th place,,BINGO, i have just found my challenge,It is an 8 week affair so there is 6 weeks left and plenty to play for.
I have a reasonable 3rd week and move upto 9th spot , then week 4 is just as good and i again progress, moving upto 4th spot, week 5 see,s me move upto 2nd and a great run in week 6 takes me into a commanding lead at the top.

Then comes the un-timely interferance of the GUKPT festival, every1 is looking forward to this however it is not the best timing for me for a no. of reasons .Mainly as i will only be playing 1 event which allows all my opponents a full week of games to either catch or overtake me going into the last week of the league.
Sure enough the top of the league becomes congested , but some how i have still managed to maintain top spot , so its into the final week with all to play for.

The week starts well and by Friday im looking good for the win but there is still a possibility that i can be beaten, so i decide to take saturday of work and go play what will be my final game of the league , hoping to reach the Final Table.

Anyway i get there and cement my top spot with a 5th place finish for my 5th final table out of 5 for the week.

Thoroughly enjoyed taking part in this league ,even though ,it was by accident that i ended up taking it seriously and it has been well worth it .

So now i have a NATIONAL LEAGUE TITAL to my name and I am chuffed to bits especially at the prizes which are

a £3000 seat in the GUKPT Grand Final Event


a seat in the GUKPT Champion of Champions Event.

I hope my good fortune continues for these to major events ""2 TIMES BABY""


TEAMDOBB said...

wow n1 Gaz

Ridla said...

wowee Brewer, well played.. they dont call you Champ for nowt

roscopiko said...

Nice one gaz, gl in the biggies

david grayson said...

fantastic effort xenocode, very well done

COGB said...

Go On Champ, Mr Consitant !
GL daan souath

Irishimi said...

Weeeee!!! Ship it 2 times!

Varzee said...

Nice one m8. well played

mag1892 said...

well done m8 , glad u made it.

Anonymous said...

Very very nice. WD m8.

Pete JuicyO

Jimmy Chipmunk said...

npf champ,national league champ and 10 comments on your blog post,weeeeeeeeeeeeee!!