ill have another go

ok aint posted in a while and just got in and read that horrible terrible post i done last night to which im sorry to those that read it, it was fkn despicable and i cringed like fuck when i read it back, had been on massive bender as it is me b day and had 2 many sambucas i know i cant drink anyways but spirits bring the worse out of me as such ive removed the thread cos the sambucas wore off and i realised im a knob when pissed as such im now vowing never to drink spirits again.
on a lighter note went to thirsk races on saturday and as usual couldnt win nowt im fkn crap at horse racing it also rained which was a gutter as there not much cover there, dont know much aboot horse racing but at the start of a race a horse broke loose done nearly a lap of the race flat oot then went back to the traps and romped home at 66 -1 thought that was abit strange, all in all it was a good day and the crack was great ended up doon 65 quid but thats not bad really seen a few blokes who i used to work with there so had a few beers with them good laugh.
anyways woke up this morning my hand is like a balloon, my heed is fkd with the hangover from hell and ive got the weirdest couloured huge bruise on me shin, goes into work and im standing on some steps near a lift shaft 3 rungs from the top and instead of sayin "you need higher steps" this cocky bastard safety guy says in the most patroniseing way "you realise that lift shaft goes all the way to the ground" to which i insta bite and say "well were the fuck else is it going to go" bearing in mind my foreman standing there and this git trying to make me look daft i says you dont have to be arsey to get ya point over just say what ya mean to which he replies in a spoilt brat way "well i dont give a fuck if you fall off them ladders and die" lol, so i tell him to fuck off(obviously still feeling the sambucas) and he says to me gaffer i hope yers have got another job for him to go to fksss, he pisses off and and my gaffa gives me that speech that im always hearing ya gotta bite ya toungue and hes right 29 today and i really need to grow up at times.
aint been playing any cards really except the odd cheap multi no luck and really dont feel the love for the game anymore just cant get me head into it anymore and when ya feel like that yer daft if you do play cos we all know what happens when ya play and ya not right. reet im starting to bore meself now laters all and gl