Weeeeee anutha Dobber in GUKPT Main Event

Shipppppppppppppp. after 6 weeks of the GUKPT on line syndicate league somehow I managed to end up winning it and secure myself a seat into the GUKPT main event in Newcastle - so weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee to me yee ha.
As you can gather Im quite pleased and excited about it. The league has been an up and down affair, spoilt in some parts by certain chat boxes etc, and I thought again it would happen tonight when I re popped a certain individual all in and he called to find I had AA and his AK did not improve, putting him out and ending his chance of a seat. I did not type a word into the chat box but my wife Dawn and one other player typed in nice hand well done to which this guy typed in ' fucking arsehole'. decided not to respond on chat in game , but safe to say after I warned him twice 2 weeks ago not to berate my wife, I have sent him a pm on the forum outlining my plans for him next time I see him!!!!!!!!! Anyways he disappeared and the game panned oot to be tense, tight, exciting and played in a great spirit - which was a fitting end to a great idea. My 2 main challengers had similar chip stacks to me when we down to last 8 but one of them, Mullet, started to become a lowish stack and seeing as he was 3rd in league he had to finish above me and the leader by 3 positions so he knew he had to get busy and eventually he went in 8th. As it stood I needed to finish 2 places above Tingate the leader, unless I won it as 25 points for winner and then 20, 18 16 14 etc. I was 3 points behind. 2 players exited quickly leaving 5 left and panic stations as if Tingate does not go oot in 5th or 4th I gotta win and I did not have the chips to do. We had both around 3.5k when average aboot 11k and I knew he was waiting for me to make a move and trying to nurse over the line - as I was too. Then this happened. he shoves all in on Teamdobbs big blind and Dobber goes into the tank. Now I know he must have a hand as he does not waste time showboating. When I see call I think weeeeeeeeeee especially when he got AQ - then booooooooooo as Tingate has KK. but, and a big but, just for once Poker Stars does not fuck me as the flop is QQ 3 and no K on turn or river knocks Tingate oot.
A terrible way to lose a possible big money seat and I really felt sorry for him, he is a really nice kid and a great player to boot and thats a horrible way to go out - but to be 100% honest I also whooped a bit too, come on Im only human ffs. I then realise I still gotta finish in 3rd and then I look and I got 2.8k left and rest between 6.5k and 14k. Im in the shit I think and especially as I get both my blinds raised 2 rounds running and I cant fight back as I have shite cards. Manage to get a couple of raises through and steady back to 3.2k but having grippers on settee as not seeing any cards - when this happens. Teamdobbs BB me sb and button raises to 6k. I cant call with me customary 5 2 off, but Teamdobbs makes the call and is all in. 10 J he has ffs and other guy K 4 off!!! heart overtook head and wanted me mate Dobbs to win pot but alas he missed and went oot. Then everyone starts typing in WP Steve, congrats etc and I realise I got seat - get smoggie to treble check points and confirm and yep its official - CGK is gonna take doon the GUKPT. All in next hand and oot but didnt care weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Teamdobbs said after that the guy always ships and has done so with 2 3 , 4 2, 7 3 and alike over last few weeks and he genuinely thought he was in front with 10J so no beef there at all.

Also quick mention for another Dobba who has made this a great week for the Teamdobbs crew. Jimmy Chipmunk took down the circus league final in a 4 way chop on Sunday night so well done mate - tell us all aboot it.

All in all a great week for Teamdobbs members and maybes a few ' radgie' doubters will have something to think about now WP all

Look out for something special next Saturday all who are attending - Dobbers fight back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jimmy Chipmunk said...

nice one Steve and forget about retribution as sitting behind a pc we all get a little stir crazy i had a good chat with both 'villains' at circus last night and i am a good judge of character and i am pretty much certain no malice was intended 1 of them is embarrassed by what went on and the other couldnt give a crap as i dont think he done anything but is also a tad arrogant and has a touch of the 'kevin the teenager' about him.
Cheers for the mention and despite driking heavily i finished 3rd in the sunday night as well :) SHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP!

TEAMDOBB said...

Well played MR CG. Due to what had happened in lead up to final week I decided to play with chat off unless there was something I needed to say. This was so I didnt become involved in any other thing that was going on and to make it as fair as possible with what was at stake. Played my cards as they came and irrelevant of who was in the hand. I went to win the game and the money and made the call with J 10 cos I was sure Juicey Oranges was on the game and was proved right when he flips K4 but unfortunately his rag held and I missed.
With all respect to those in with a chance last night I reckon you were the best equipped to do well in the main Event and cash out for the syndicate. Good luck and well done again.

Ridla said...

Congrats to DC, CGK & JC on the recent wins over the last few days.. good luck in the Main Event chaps

koyte said...

well done pal take it down be there railing on the final table