GUKPT Main Event Day 1A

Decide to play day1A of the GUKPT Main Event with my Grosvenor League prize and as like last year the 1st year is very badly attended. People have their own views as to what they prefer but apart from a full and busy cardroom it really doesnt make any difference imo due to the structure and nature of the tournament. Just over 40 runners and it ends up that the day will finish when there was 14 players left.
Happy with my table and although there was a very small field it was certainly full of many well known and respected players as you would expect. I chose the 1st day as I had seats for Beyonce the following night.
Surprised how much early action there was and some players were playing virtually every hand and alot of chips swopped places early doors.
QQ got paid and a flopped straight paid off nice so moved on nice until making up the blinds with 89 which flopped 2 pair but alarms rang when solid player to my right bet out strong on the turn and I paid him off when he showed 67 for the straight. Norwegian player at bottom of table had been very active and bluffed me off a pot showing 52 at the river when re raising me when I held the best hand but that came back to haunt him with this hand.
I limped 1st pos with AQ and he made it 3 way from the sb. Flop came Q 10 3 rainbow which he ckd and then called my bet. Turn brought Ace giving me 2 pair but when he ck called my bet the alarm bells of KJ were going through my head. I thought to myself I need to hit this river pairing it when bang in came the Ace for the nuts and now needed to get paid. He checked it to me and I tried to look really weak as when I bet 2k he tanked for a few mins then shoved all in. Couldnt call quick enough and just what you need in a game like this and back in it.
Twice pick up AA and both time they hold and get paid and then just picked away at short to medium stacks and finish the day on 35k ( 5th best of 14 ) and above average to come back Saturday with. Also made some very good reads throughout that saved me alot of chips putting down hands that would have proved very costly.
Think there will be about 60 runners going back and fingers crossed for a good table and some good cards and the Poker Gods looking down on me.


Amatay said...

gl for day 2 fish

NoCash said...

Good luck TD. Have been and will be following your progress. Fingers crossed for a big score.

Poker play the Soap way said...

gl m8

xenocode said...

best of luck dave , fingers xxx for ya