GUKPT £200

GUKPT opening event of Newcastle leg of tour and around 130 runners. Knew most of my opening table which included the well known Julian Thew and steady away the early levels.
Nothing much to shout about and very few playable hands apart from QQ which meets a 4 diamond board but make the call as guy had shown several bluffs and hed been playing 2nd pair. Have doubled my stack by the break and very comfy tbh when table is broken and I move to table full of locals and NPF members including Jimmy Chipmunk, Mrs Cardguard and Michael Tedder. COMPETITION THUS ENDS for me. Orbit after orbit picking up absolute gutter crap and no chance of getting in so as the antes kick in hard Im getting near to danger levels and shove mid with JsQs to Tedder and he makes the call with 22 that holds.
End of Im afraid and very ABC tournie which left me frustrated to the lack of hands and involvement.
On the good side Jimmy Chipmunk was going strong and by the end of play he was well placed and around only 27 left.
Trying to give as much info as we can on forum updates with progress of game and the tour. Will deffo put the results there as well for anyone wanting them at NPF
Not playing anything else now until the Main Event and decided to play Thursday Day 1A.


Anonymous said...

hello... hapi blogging... have a nice day! just visiting here....

Steve H. said...

Thank you for all your words of encouragement over the last four weeks, I've been overwhelmed at times with the support that I receive from my readers. Thank you

If losing to Newcastle were to ensure that it would keep newcastle up then i'd demand Martin O'Neil to throw the match cause the premiership without newcastle is going to be a massive loss. whayaye the lads.