Blog Thief

Nowt happening on the poker front at mo although Im starting to now get the bug for my hol and my 12 days in Vegas leaving the 13th June.
Playing Aspers £100 game today so hopefully a decent field although I doubt it somehow and maybe it wont even get started!!!

Not much to write about so have knicked this little ditty from roscos blog as it made me smile and the lyrics are so so true!!! ENJOY!!!

(to the tune of Blaydon Races)

They all went down to Villa Park
Twas 24th of May
Hoping God would smile on them
Upon the Sabbath Day
Proud as punch in stripey shirts
Cream of the Geordie nation
Ganning down to Birmingham
To see the relegation

Oh me lads
You should have seen them crying
Watching the shambles on the pitch
Premiership dreams a dying
All the lads and lasses there
All had gloomy faces
Ganning doon to the Championship
With all of Shearers aces

P.S. FLAWLESS TO WIN BRITAINS GOT TALENT!!! hopefully beating that stupid dosey Scottish woman