GUKPT Final Day

My mate Peter Smithson went back for final day with 12 left and after lending him some lucky socks and some smellies he was well prepared for the task ahead.
I never forget the disappointment last year when he cash bubbled in this event but once he doubled his stack the previous day I was convinced he was final table bound.
Wasnt long before 12, 11 & 10 bust out giving Peter his 1st ever major Final table and I was absolutely delighted for him.

Apart from Tony Phillips who had a huge chip stack the remaining 8 players were very close so anything could happen. The final table turned out to be an amazing game as it became the quickest GUKPT Final ever lasting less than 3 hours and Peter going out in 5th place for £9k
Eventual winner was Tony Phillips who had been a long time leader and who I had the pleasure of sitting next to on day 2. A very very confident and accomplished Poker player for someone so young. Well done mate.

£250 side event seen a nice return for myself and Cardguard as we had paid a young lad into it called Jonny Tingate who cashed for £1800 in 4th place. Last years main event winner Ganesh Rao took this event down.
Made the GUKPT a plus profit event for me and even more for Cardguard when he spins £20 on touch roulette to £1800 then stakes another young lad into the £100 Bounty who chops it for £700 return for CG and a healthy % still in his Champion of Champions interest.