Revenge is so so sweet

Ok it was hyped up and talked aboot for last 5 days so here it is - the Dobbas come back to Team Radgies piss take - watch and enjoy

Team Radgie is a team over "elder" poker players from the NPF who have created a friendly banter situation between them & ourselves.

This was the piss take they put up at the forum from their crazy number 2 Koyte and received such comments as "brilliant" and "the Dobbas couldnt beat that"

Well we took all the flack from people but we dont like being 2nd best and set about careful planning to outdo them. We didnt use set film scenes we did it by a real set and script. Obviously unless you dont know the characters involved alot of the lines and the humour is lost but for those that do please enjoy " Dobbas Revenge"


koyte said...

awesome people awesome

Anonymous said...

absolutely pmsl. missed the b/day as away but this is a very very good consolation. god knows whats coming next.