Went and bought a new White Bentley!!!

Wow big changes in our household this week when after alot of discussions and weighing up the consequences we made a family decision to buy it.

Been looking for a while for the right model but not been able to find the right one but hey ho we find an advert on the net and theres one local and just 10 minutes from our house. So daughter comes over to ours and away we go the family four to view our possible new aquisition.
Two left to choose from but my eyes were fixed on model number one straight away and after a few minutes of deciding and then a little bit of price discount negotiating we decided lets go for it and the deal was done.

We had decided Mercedes or Bentley and it was a Bentley we ended up buying. Only 9 weeks old and from a one careful owner.
Only cost us £420 which we thought was a bargain compared to what some others we had seen sold for so welcome to our new family aquisition Bentley.


Jimmy Chipmunk said...

Your barking mad mate.

Steve H. said...

Your gonna have trouble keeping that sofa clean ;-)

mag1892 said...

very cute lol.