THIS IS IT !!!!!

Now I know there are the doubters and knockers but this guy is the most talented song and dance man I have ever seen, I was lucky enough to see him live in Liverpool during the Bad Tour however Mrs E wasnt to pleased as I only had 1 ticket so went alone and was awstruck at the spectacle as Jacko re created every video live in front of my eyes.
Well imagine my delight as he announced to the world and its media that he will perform ten shows in London and these will be his final appearances in concert in this country.
To get the tickets you had to pre register on the MJ website and await a code enabling you to buy presale, so happy days as myself and Mrs E will be hitting London for the bankholiday weekend as I managed after spending two hours in an online queue to get two tickets

On the poker front played the live NPF league game at the Grosvenor last Friday but desperately card dead so no luck but did watch Teamdobb make the finl table. Was dj/ing sat so no poker however did go up and rail Cardguard at Aspers as he finished 3rd in the Sky Poker tournament winning himself a seat in the final at DTD in June. It was great to see the smile and enthusiasm return to a friend who has suffered on the poker tables of late both online and live, was also a great rail up at Aspers with the NPF well in attendance,
Fairing a little better on line managing to win a seat in this Sundays $200k so I`m realy looking forward to that as well as this Fridays NPF league game at the G which also includes the talent competition in which Kriss Carrs sister will be performing and I have been told she is an excellent singer.
see yah all real soon dobba watcha`s