Weeeeeeee Vegas tommorrow

Alreet Stumpy here,

Last friday picked teamdobb up and headed to Aspers for the friday £20 f/o 109 runners so not a bad pot for the small buyin but it is a strange mix of players. 1st table consisted of seat 1,a tight steady player but pretty easy to read 2, the table pro haha talked about every hand and gave his pro view on how it was played 3,young lad who might as well of had his 2 cards turned over 4,chinese calling every hand and always going to run out of chips 5,french kid who ob bluffed his chips off, in 2nd level v seat 4 who called rvr allin with 22 when board read 10 8 5 j 3 weeeee, 6 limp fold or limp call till no chips left 7,same as seat three 8,chinese kamikaze girl who could and did turn over anything 9,a very strong and good player 10, me, the dealer. The only thing missing is the drunken scotsman whos usually on every table, I think aspers have a cupboard full of em and get them out every Friday to piss people off.

I was going along ok until the pro seat 2 limped in I made up blinds with qj flop q 7 3 I ch pro bets, all fold to me and I rerase him allin he tanks then says I think im beat but I call showing q 10,I put the 10 on the river and im now shortstack, I then go allin 3 times and dup when best hand holds everytime then we are moved tables shame but im now on 12k evertime I raise it gets through but no dup until I shove khjh into aq k flop a turn and im out in about 26th.

Mrs stumpy gets to ft but runs jj into qq and ends up 10th for £50.

I made £90 on the cash tables while waiting for Mrs stumpy so not a bad night.

Sunday I went to circus with big stumpy my son craig who I bought in, its £20 £20 night 2k pot my table was a nitemare with 3 calling station on it great if you hit but shit if you miss all night so was an early night for me, went on cash table won £17 and game split up,so dealt 1 of last 2 tables and watched big stumpy play some great poker he got to the ft with a big stack then lost ak v aq and then kk v 55 flop 5 543 turn 2 rvr a for split pot then shoved a 6 into bb jj and went out in 4th for £190 we split the winnings for a small profit.

Tuesday was back to circus for £20 £20 game with mrs stumpy and big stumpy I got off to a good start and was comfy until I raised with jj a loose player reraises i called for a safe flop but flop was a93 villain cbets and I fold he shows aa then I raise with 99 get reraised I fold he shows jj then next hand i raise jj and young kid who had been very tight minrerases I fold again and he shows kk ffs after all this im down to 10bb and looking for spot to shove get j 10 utg and shove only to get called off aj flop 89q weeee dup then I raise aj get flatted off young tight player flop a 10 7 I bet small he reships with kq I call nd hold now im sitting with a decent stack on my left is Mark Trett who has a big stack who I gave a lot of walks to but when blinds went up I started raising more but he seen right through this and I could see he was getting itchy to reship me but in the end he kept himself in check howay Mark you know I only play aa kk haha, in the meantime mark had raised and been reshipped and called by mainly been priced in and his big stack had dropped to 25k so he shipped his 10bb with 84 and Lewis in bb called with 66 and mark gets there with runner runner straight ouch.1 make it to ft as does mrs stumpy who is cl with 135k wow.mrs stumpy finished 6th after losing ak v qq hit k then turn was q then b on b she flops up nd down v top pair no kicker pushes allin over his flop bet bt villain couldnt lay it down and she missed and was out for £100. I pushed ss with j10 v k8 no good and I went out 5th for £120.

Onlines been pretty quiet due to working and playing live until bigstumpy ran deep in superstack and he woke me with about 40 left and we ended up 5th for $1200 ish when we got it aipf with ak v aq who hit flush shame as it was $4.7k up top would of been nice for vegas and bigstumpys hols to shagaluf.

SO its my first trip to vegas on monday weeeeee going with about 20 npfers cant wait. Im playing rio $1500 bracelet event 16th june,binnions $210 nl,golden nugget $235 nl and venetion deepstack one tiiiiiiiiiime plz.

keep on smiling Stumpy.


gyposdog said...

stumpy ftw really think a dobbas going to get a good cash this year good luck, enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

It was a pleasure for my wife and I to meet the members of TeamDobbs at the Golden Nugget on Tuesday, June 22. We will keep checking in with TeamDobbs and Newcastle Poker. Good luck guys!

Monte and Carmen McCord
Orange, California

stumpy said...

nice of you to get in touch and enjoyed playing with you both gl with your poker