TEAM DOBBS AT LAST !!!!!!!!!!!!

Well it took some time and a lot of crawling no begging, but hey ! check out the new boy.

Firstly let me say what an honour it is to be selected to join the North East's poker elite and represent Team Dobbs.

Mr Entertainment is the name and I have been playing for three years now, no limit holdem is my game although i did once sit at a cash table (dealers choice) and lost a lot of pennies as I thought it was all holdem (should have realised when i got dealt 7 cards and no flop something was a miss) but that's the price you pay for alcohol.

Anyway hi to you all !.

I first met Dave when I came back from Vegas three years ago when I stumbled into the grosvenor to watch the final of the then grosvenor festival had absolutely no idea of the game or how to play (SAVE IT !! I KNOW (still doesn`t ) but we hit it off and I just kept bumping into him at the live games in the city and he has watched my game develop and I now challenge his crown of king of the short heres a quick brief on my poker highs and lows.......................

Best Experience ......... playing live in Vegas the Nuggett - Binnions -Venetian - MGM - Excalibur Paris and Treasure island, absolutely unbelievable, the home of poker, if you haven't yet been put it on the list

Best result .......... 3rd in the £200 freeze out September 2007

Worst beat ........ flopped a straight with 6 3 suited in a cash game (big blind) there was a straddle to £4 flat called, straddle raised to £10 pre flop 8 callers so i call for the value and flop the straight 4 5 2 i check, mid position bet s £20 guy next to him calls it folds to me and i push all in thinking I'm happy with whats in the pot original bet folds and the next guy sits for an age then calls with JJ the guy to his right (original bet who has just folded) says " Ive just folded JJ !" YEP YOU GUESSED IT RUNNER RUNNER 2S FOR THE FULL HOUSE SICK

So I will be adding my thoughts and experiences in the wonderful world of poker and trying to find the answers to the following ..........

Why do players say these things ?????

1, " I think I'm behind but i`l call anyway"

2, "have you got an ace ?"

3, "if i call will you raise?"

4, "this is my favorite hand !" and then promptly folds ( that's my favourite )


Well that's all for now folks I promise you laughs and Entertainment all the way and shooting from the lip as always.

I`l be at either circus or the grov tonight, haven`t decided yet but going to have a pint or three its been a tough week at work so see you about!


you don't have to panic about blogging first Ive done it for you !!

l m a o


TEAMDOBB said...

lololol quality post and luv the end line to the other 2 newbies.

Welcome on board & enjoy but beware at the Team event as they all wanna shoot down "The Team"