Alreet Stumpy here,

A few years back I trained my mate who had never played poker before on how to play sngos. It took about 2 months and he was winning player.So when Spoona said to me I just cant win at online poker I thought it was a good opportunity to try it again.

Strangley it has took a bit longer to train Spoona up as he has a good understanding for the game and some of the strategy in sngos goes against the grain i.e im never folding AQ pre when its passed to me in the cutoff wtf.Spoona has been passing on his training to Samj so Ive started helping Sam.

Last week we decide to have a live session at my house Spoona playing 9 mans and 45s and Sam 45s and me just watching them play, and from time to time they would ask for advice or verification on correct play.Spoona made a nice profit and Sam had a small loss but tbf he ran really bad.

Both are now winning sngo players but with a few more live sessions and if they can iron out their leaks they will crush.Since the 1st live session and sitting watching them play it has refocussed me and since then I have played about 10 sessions myself and had only 1 losing session and that was only -$20.Live I have played about 7mtts with 2 fts for a small loss but have made a nice profit on 6 live cash sessions.

Online mtts have been very frustrating lately getting bigstacks then either blowing them with bad moves or getting some terrible beats.I did get 1 ft on a £5k freeroll on interpoker finishing 5th for £375 freemoney is always nice haha.

When I played rugby me and my mate Adam would play tricks on each other, my fav was when I let my toenails grow and after the game would peel off my bigtoenail and put it in his bottle of bud. Later in the nite when we were pissed he took a drink and it perched lovely onto his top lip everybody was pissing themselves,then I went to the toilet and came back and finished my bud off a lot of the woman were nearly spewing as I necked my bud "whats up" I say, Adam just pissed in ya bottle of bud.thats y I drink corona now!.

keep on smiling