Hi Dobba Watchers,

Been a tough time since my last post / blog not a happy bunny and it showed, shit job nee prospects and borderline depressed, dropped from APAT Team game and it hurt, always been a honest bloke and always let my feelings known had to hide my dissapointment at being dropped, at the time was realy pissed off I mean come on me ? mentaly not right ?.
as it happens its your friends who notice the differences in your personality and on reflection the right decision was made ( but you might of won had i played ).

But this year has seen a total new outlook and job thanks to our very own NPF Newsman, Steve came to me at the end of last year looking for someone with experience in his field to work alongside him, so realy pleased to say I,m now working with the Cardguard yep ANT N DEC are together and so far so good and for the first time in donkies I actualy look forward to going to work, CHEERS GAFFA if your reading.

On to the poker well not been out a great deal what with new position and being a miserable twat before but played the first tuesday game at circus and cashed however its a very long night great game but i left at 4.30am and there were still 6 left,
played the sky poker tour at aspers bought in direct on their website after a decent run online however the structure was awful antes coming in a level 5 as they wanted a quick finnish spoilt the game in my opinion, made it untill after dinner break went back with 16500 in chips ave was 19.500 and card dead finally shoving with 7 bbs on my bb with k q suited and ran into a k good night.

was having a canny run on stars won back to back smoggies wednesday league then went on to play 25 - 50 cash and was running mint then as always bad beat after bad beat dumped me lot so back trying to build it up again.

Forum has a new home page / web and for me much better like the idea and a lot easier to find what you want to read without trawling through pages and pages of shite. (nee offence )

And finally got me self a new grand son and Dean has realy put a grin on my face, daughter named him after my brother who passed away aged 5 and have to say very emotional but those of you who know me I am emotional, mother and baby are fine and so am I,
Appologies to anyone who I may have been short with or shunned through my ignorance but im back and ready to go NPF Team Challenge coming soon



Daniel Trett said...

Nice post Mr. E & congrats on the new little-un.

TEAMDOBB said...

nice post n good luck in making the team for the Forum Challenge game....................

hope ya mentally ready this time!!!!!


Aye yah reet Dobba better get my release documents from Doctor Mcnally


stumpy said...

weeeeeeeeeee n1 mre good luck in the new job nd the grandbairn,mre is back weeeeeeee

Phlmc said...


Honour and a pleasure to line up on the same team at the forum challenge.

Glad its working out.

Much Love

Jimmy Chipmunk said...

nice to see your back granda E,see you on Tuesday hopefully at the monthly Circus Nifty

mag1892 said...

glad your feeling better mr e , cant think of a better double act than you 2 , must be a hoot at work . :0