Take me to the Circus!!!

Alreet Stumpy here,

Only played two live games since Sky poker. 1st one was Circus £20£20 Tuesday game about 41 runners got to ft with 12k in chips after losing AK v 66 just b4 ft so was just looking to get em in blinds 1k-2k I had 7.5k left when I raised to 6k utg with Q9 and everyone passed as they thought I had monster because I hadnt went allin,twice Ive done this and its worked both times lol.Then this hand happened utg raised to 6k utg+1 flats ss goes allin 9k and I have 1010 and I go allin 10.5k other 2 call flop AKJ utg ch utg +1 bets nd utg folds on ya backs utg+1 22 allin 99 weeeeeeeeee 1010 wins and quadruple up then a few gets knocked out 6 left and I have 33 raise and PJB Aces ships I call he has AK K on flop and Im out in 6th for £105.

Next game was Sunday Circus £20£20 game 50ish runners and key hands were raise JJ flop 764 I cbet villian raises I tank fold he shows 44 then ak flop k83 he bets into me I call turn 8 he bets again I call rvr Q he bets again but only 1200 into 3k so call he shows 33. Break comes and I have 6k from 7k ss so not to bad considering those hands addon to 12k.After break it doesnt get much better raise fold AJ, then KK raise nd Sugar calls flop a74 he donk bets and I fold showing KK he shows AK ffs.Down to 6k get 1010 raise and villain who has tripped up on me twice says how much u got behind I say 6.3k total he bets 6.3k total lol taking no consideration of the 3 players behind him they fold and he shows AQ mmmmm wp not. Anyhows ob A rvr gnite.So I join the 25-50 cash table sit with 100 and notable hands were called raise with 5s3s flop J87 2 spades raiser makes weak bet so I reraise shorty goes allin and raiser goes alin for not much more turn 3 rvr 2 and my 3 is good lol then had KK and villain rase to £6 pre so I flat to trap but 2 more callers im like shit flop Q73 2 spades raiser bets pot Im in two minds now AA or QQ deffo in his range so just call and reasses after turn boom K comes he bets £55 I ship he calls AA weee.Then I get KK again after limpers I make it £6 on button sb ships for £20 and gets 2 callers I reship they both call one has £40 other has £60 flop K turn K scoooop.

Mrs Stumpy takes 9th in mtt for £55 and I win £260 in cash.

Keep on smiling Stumpy.