41 and grinding again at work

thought it about time i contributed to the blog - unlike some of the members can i add!!!!!!

ok since last post poker has kind of become secondary for me. Big changes at work have seen me buy my partner out and become sole owner of my company. Financially it was not the best move for me as it swallowed up most of my ' rainy day ' fund - but as a business decision it was a very sensible thing to do as my relationship with my partner had deteriorated and my business would have only carried on with just one of us at the helm. Am pleased to say so far its all going well, new staff on board - including fellow blogger and dobba Mr E, new processess and generally a whole new way of working has seen a new enthusiasm in me and as such for last 5-6 weeks i have been working 70+ hours a week, which has impacted on my social activities so not much poker played.

On the poker front i am particularly looking forward to seeing the new grosvenor friday game take off and provide us players with 3k - 5k pots on a friday night - well worth cashing in. Also hoping the circus £75 gets enough runners to continue as its by far the best structured game of the month(and i hve split last 3),

As for my recent poker playing not much to report - finished 35th in the apat uk forum team championships getting 5 points for the team, proud to finish in the points for the 2nd year running especially as for 1st 7 levels i never played one hand, then got a rush and won 6 hands out of 9, then never played another hand till my exit - total card dead all tourney except for 6 hands, and never could find a spot to ' steal some ' chips. Big big credit to sean Mcguigan who finished 13th for some more much needed points - but the spoils to chipmunk who dug in for 2 days, came back from 8k left after beibg sucked oot on and ending up finishing 2nd and securing us 3rd place in the team event. very enjoyable event to play in - but 1st May will see our own team championships and that will be an event not to be missed. have already decided not to play for the dobbas in that event as i think teamdobb and s2c would prefer me to MC the event and make it unforgettable for eveyone who attends and plays so i have decided to do that.

Played the 2 new grosvenor games last week enjoyed them both - bubbled both but made up for that on the cash tables on saturday - £50 sit down and cashed oot for £400 90 mins later - mainly thanks to a drunk guy who played 2 hands with me totally blind for £140 per hand after i flop top pair both times.

Surprisingly on line has been good to me since November - noteably winning a $10 omaha hi lo tourney for $1200 on tilt, playing a block of 30 $12 90 man sit n goes and cashing in 24 of them, winning 4 and 2nd or 3rd on 10 occasions, final tabling $80k guarenteed eventually finishing 7th for $2980($24 buy in) and coming 2nd twice in the only 2 $48 90 man sng's i have played. All in all from a £100 deposit i have a roll of $800 still and have cashed out for £5k - happy days

Reet one last thing - saw the gyposdog today and have convinced him to play for the dobbas in the team game so weeeeeeeee. great to see him again and he is a great lad

reet time to get ready for the G attack




CanOnlyGetBetter said...

Nice post

Its all still rigged tho aye ? ;)

Daniel Trett said...

Good post CGK.

Good luck with going alone at work, although I'm sure you'll be fine. Please blog regular as I for 1 find your entries really interesting.

+ I'm gonna bankrupt you by close of 2010, £2 & counting ;-)

TEAMDOBB said...

aye excellent post and all we need now is the other half of Ant & Dec to get his finger out!!!

Ya new appetite is clear to be seen and long may it continue

koyte said...

hope the work thing works out pal, be careful ya divnt kill yersell, work,rest and play

stumpy said...

good look with the takeover nd crush the challenge plz