manchester apat

well its been a while since i posted , mainly due to the fact i haven't played any/much poker at all.

decides a few months ago to go over/down to Manchester with the npf for the apat team champs , intending just to rail and basically get drunk and have some fun .

Friday comes and its me picking phil mac up from his house and off we go , reach the m62 and the rain is that bad ( wipers on super dooper fast ) i have no option but to slow down to 70mph :( , we arrive after about 2.30 hrs which wasnt to bad , we get into hotel and book in , most of the others arrive during the afternoon etc , the young uns and glen decide to go clubbing that night , and the rest of us turn in for the night .

sat morning and i get up and decide to have some breakfast ( included ) its one of those continental ones ( I'm not into toast etc.) so i say to the geek ( glen ) I'm off to the shops is there any decent ones around , yes was the answer just down the road , so he comes out with me for a smoke and i walk right across the car park and onto the road looking for the shop , 5 Min's later down the road and no shops in sight i ring glen , glen wheres this shop u said was good , ah he says when u come out of the car park go left and its next to the lights , to which i answer why the hell didn't u say that when u came out of the hotel and watch me go right , glen , was wondering where u were going ..cheers glen u git .

abit later and the rest of the npf start coming downstairs ( quite a few of them looking a bit worse for ware lol ) , and off we go to the g , got to say very impressive casino , nice decor and very big , lots of teams already there and atmosphere is beginning to build , the poker match starts and nothing much happening , so i decide to play 3 card poker ( wow didn't realise i could lose that much money ) after i spent £1.100 and thinking shit wtf am i doing i go on self destruct i get another £200 out of machine and go on the slots , felling pretty shit and down to my last £20 , the machine I'm on decides to answer my prays ( must have heard me ) and drops in the jackpot weeee 2k and im up £700 , so i seek out teamdobbs to ask him if he will look after my money and don't give it back to me cos I'm a useless twat , he agrees with me on both accounts lol.

unfortunately when i was on self destruct we lost teamdobbs from the tourney and mrs ckg , Dave ( teamdobbs ) glen and scotty decide to play some other tourney in there , I'm not, so I'm happy just having a drink and watching what everyone was upto.

the day ends with the npf with 2 players still left in the apat tourney , some very bad luck which can be read in teamdobbs posts ) , most decide to leave and get some food , which leaves me scott ( sc2 ) dave glen and scotty left at casino as dave and glen are still in a tourney , its about 3am and its looking like a 6am job if both hit ft ( yes u guessed it they both did ) lol.

got to say though i sat behind teamdobbs from 7 players and i got to say there was only gonna be 1 winner , i was very impressed with his moves and he totally owned the ft and took it down for about 380 ish , and it was 6am when we left lol .

Sunday I'm knackered and its off we go again , gets to the g a bit late cgk ( steve decides to take a detour ) :) .
left in for the npf is jimmy chipmunk ( dave stepheson ) and sean mcguiggan steve went out about 35th after being total card dead for a day and a half ( respect ).

sean goes out just before ft ul m8 , and jimmy chipmunk hits the ft.

now this has been mentioned before in posts on this blog , but im going to try and put it into perspective the rail , how loud was it , well i had sneaked onto a machine again ( i know dickhead ) and the ft was down to 5 players , when i heard the rail start chanting jimmy etc and then shouting hold and then the cheer , i was a fair bit away from tables and the women next to me jumped and said my god what is that , i tried to explain butt she hadn't a clue about poker but she did say awesome support u guys have . don't forget we heard all this through 20 machines and the casino music on pretty loud.
well u know the rest of the storey jimmy came 2nd ( massive respect ) and the team came 3rd.

just got to say thanks to dave , scott and steve for sorting all this out with hotels etc , and also just for the great weekend away , was awsome fun and with a very great bunch of people , cant wait for the next 1.

on the poker front i decide to play aspers on the Thursday which was first time in ages and came 5th , felt comfortable throughout and only lost to james howard when he raise my button I'm holding As 3c flop comes down qs jc 5s turn is 9s he raises im all in on nut flush draw hes sitting with k 10 for straight , i brick and wp james , he played very good as usual.

well off now cos Ive had a little bit to much to drink and hopefully when i read this blog it makes some sort of sense ,( don't think Ive used spell checker as much lol ).

gl all at the tables. :)


Daniel Trett said...

Good post Colin, please you & rest of NPF had a great time in Manchester.

TEAMDOBB said...

keep away from the fruit machines ya fruit cake!!!!

good company as normal mate n glad you enjoyed it

JJ said...

Great post - hope you had a great night. I haven't been to Manchester for ages and the last time I went was definitely a time to remember! Also keep away from the devil that is the fruities!