HOOOORAYYYY! Last night saw the ice finally broken and I must post to say WD and CONGRATULATIONS to S2C2 who made his 1st live final table at the Grosvenor Casino Newcastle upon Tyne. From 70 players a respectable 7th place finish was achieved which also included some very brave all in bets when at bubble situation to reach that final 9. Wd buddy . Many more to follow I guess.
By the way for those that dont know S2C2 is the person that started me playing this crazy game a few years ago when I caught him playing online in his bedroom- MY SON - whose now 19. Roll on 21 and your 1st WSOP.
Waiting for him after me going out with about 30 left to the normal crazy call and suck out when well ahead at these events I decided to play cash ( dont know why cos I always loose ) £100 soon disappeared when my KK raise pre flop was re raised by young Chinese guy for £45 more which seen his A7 off suit hit to take down £100 plus pot then 3 hands later when on mini tilt I have 9d9h in 2nd pos. I call with another for sb to raise X3. We call to flop of 8h10hJh.SB goes all in his last 20 and I re raise all in for £65 for other limper to think hard and call.
SB shows AA no hearts Other limper shows Jd Qh. Turn is Jc River brings Qs to fill his Full House. Bye BYE GG WP. and the thought of ( why the fk do I play cash )


gyposdog said...

well done s2c2 i new youd come good and if im not mistaken i tipped u for a final table last night aswell now u know how i feel always carrying deeiron 10%? thats what he takes me 4 well done m8

TEAMDOBB said...

his winnings went straight in his pocket and nee % for me. Just like his nil board to his mother!