Game on !

The team challenge consisted of 10 tables of 8 with one player from each team at each table.
At the time cos we were nearly all pissed we had no idea as to the format of the competition. As it turned out the tables were to be played till there was 2 left on each table from which they went to 2 tables then last 10 went to final table with points at final table counting to eventual winners. Top 2 teams were to be paid.
Can be gr8 playing poker when ya pissed cos it takes any fear factors away and also you are totally relaxed and can enjoy it more.
Sitting at my table was Arron, one of the highly regarded Aspers team who think the sun shines out their arses but I do get on ok with him and quite enjoy his crack. Next to him was a grosvenor legend in Barry " The Rail " Smith. He got his name after someone put it on the league board cos he always goes out tournies early and stands watching on the rail. He was NOT amused when he saw that and went ballistic. Deep down hes a canny lad with a gambling problem but if ya want to know any scandal or wots been happening just ask " the rail "
Tuff cookie Graham who plays the big cash table was there and another couple of very tight players who I didnt know names of.
Into the tournie we kept on drinking and just got louder n louder. Confrontations kept happening with Barry & Arron with Barry keep sucking out on him. I didnt want Arron to go cos I was sharing his ipod with Tiesto blasting through my ears. Azi was 1st to fall for us with others slowly following. Eventually I hit a set to check raise to Arron with top pair who goes all in and its bye bye Arron. Me and the rail go through from our table with Jamesy Adam & Gypos making it 4 from Teamdobbs. We in wit chance looking at others through.
Azi and Gyposdog had started on the cocktails and they were flowing fast n furious.
A quick dance to the background music with red lipstick Christine and its down to last 2 tables.
Gypos falls soon and Adam goes out around the bubble mark with me n jamesy make it onto final table.
We just hammered the final table wit crack cos another team had 5 players there so it was virtually a certainty they would win. Me n Jamesy had to be 1st and 2nd to pip them and the state we were in that was impossible. Jamesy goes out 5th so Im left on me own wit 3 others from same team. One of them was fat Mark who wears crazy gear and looks like a reet dik head most of the time and thinks hes a proppa pro.
Into last 4 and Gypos comes over and sits just off the final table having abit crack wit me winding things up abit more- bearing in mind theres no chance now of us winning cos they got too many points now guaranteed.
Mark shouts to the poker room manager - " Candice can you get this person moved please , he shudnt be near final table " Red rag to the bull and Gypo goes ballistic calling him a big fat specky ........ and car park calls are made
Fk this and all in to get off table as theres no point now and dont want anymore of this shit wit Mr Fashinable Marky.
Teamdobbs cashs for 2nd and more cocktails are on order.