Another classic one liner

As a similar posting one liners at tables always amuse me. Im not a drinker and not one one for frequenting a local but when they started a poker league at our local pub I thought yes this could be of interest. The 1st few weeks were as normal an eye opener as to the levels people play at but also an eye opener as to the understanding that alot of people have. Most dont even understand basic rules and what beats what yet sit there telling others what and what not to do.
At the 3rd week of our league I was involved at a table with a guy who at first I thought was on drugs but on more research found him to be just abit slow. Q3 was a monsta to him and 2 pair was virtually unbeatable. I was in BB sitting with 64 off and checked to 4 callers. A flop of 664 made me smile and even more when after checking this guy bets 200 on 50 blind level and I call to leave me and him left in pot. Turn brings a 10 to which I check and he bets 500 to which I call. River is an ace and I have 1800 left to his 2700. I push all in and he calls. Turn of cards and im expecting to see him with an ace at least yet he shows 35. I say to him " why did u call? "
To which he replied: " I WAS TRYING TO BLUFF YOU " I said but you called? the classic reply of " so what you could of had nowt" never ceases to amaze me.