Is Dobbsy INCH of newcastle???

this isnt Davey its Karen33000, i have lost my bloody password! this post is abit different from davey and Dobbsy moaning about their bad beats!! I divvent narr if you lot see around the toon sumone tagging "INCH" well I have a funny feeling it may be dobbsy deein this with Berlin Batsey holdin the ladders as he tries to get to those awkward spots to tag "INCH". I am sure i have seen them cans u do spray painting with in his big bench hoddies!
Here is an interesting site to look at. Go to the outdoor section which is probs the most interesting. The bloke is called banksy who sells all his stuff for megga bucks. I reckon its The Railman - Bazza in disguise to pay for all his buy ins.
I divvent narr about u lot but I was always a dab hand in the old art classes at skool. Beastieboy used to be a loner sitting on the ferry on his tod with his art book sketching away until the big boys came across and broke is HB pencils!

Check out the link below


TEAMDOBB said...

yi mite a been good at art but ya obviously failed ya english language!
unusual stuff karen n1
bit dodgy mind beasting gypos aboot his bench top- its really close to his heart and he ll have ya the next time ya up from the smoke