Famous Member !

As previously mentioned in a past post I used to gamble on football with a very good friend of mine. He was asked to play in the team challenge and as such became a member of Teamdobb.
Me and this guy go back along way. We met whilst playing in a golf society and he just loved to have a bet. Golf was no difference and we would always wager on various aspects of our rounds with playing partners. Golf trips were great for this with myself running a book on singles and teams although I was always wary of offering too big on this guy because 1; He was always a big danger off his inflated handicap and 2: He would always bet himself no matter what and 3: Hes such a shrewd guy.
The guy even made a huge contribution to my buisness when in its infancy as he was well into computors and he produced my 1st ever brochure for which I was always so thankful for. We often laugh at the memory of a hand held scanner nicking pictures from others peoples catalogues in his house at Heaton from which catalogue 1 was launched. We even had great fun doing magic tricks together on strangers when out on the piss.
Any way there was no stopping this guy when introduced to poker and as such in a very short time this guy was becoming a ledgend online and his desire to win and to win something big took him to levels way beyond what i would ever achieve.
The night he was rivered when in front with JJ for a 10k trip to St Kitts in the caribbean will never be forgotten only for him a few weeks later to achieve the result he craved for in winning that package to his 1st main event at the Caribbean Classic. An invite from him to go with him and on the way play golf with him at Nick Prices golf course had to be declined for reasons Id sooner skip. This achievement was then dwarfed the following year when he went on to achieve something most players can only dream of.
Most players would be satisfied to win a seat at the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas. Not this guy- he won 6 seats online at Full Tilt earning the acolade of the most seats won in the world gaining him status, huge prize money, his seat at the WSOP, a suite at Caesars Palace Hotel and a stretch limo at his disposal. All this and the guy is a Teamdobb member. AZIMUT a proppa mate and a hell of a poker player.