The way of life here is of one pace - SLOW so its no good getting all worked up over daft things. All week Sandras Martini and lemonade ( sprite ) has came and gone as VODKA OR GIN mix which has been returned to the bemused bar tenders.So when Oranges arrives he finds good old Tom the super efficient agent organisor has cocked up his hotel booking. Eventually this is sorted and Oranges is seen hobbling about the resort in total agony with a slipped disc in his back. Marriot being ever so helpfull recommends he visits the local witch doctor in town. On returning Oranges is absolutely amazed at this guy and what he has done and found and with only one session the pain has already eased.His next appointment is booked a couple of days later and off he goes in a taxi unable to get there quick enuff to ease the pain hes in. On the journey into town a car pulls out suddenly at a junction forcing the taxi driver the throw the anchors on putting Oranges off his seat but worse for him jolting his back with severe pain hitting all through his body. OMG get me to that docs quick please but on arrival he is greeted at reception by the news that the doctor has been forced to go on an unexpected emergency and is going to be a little bit late for Oranges appointment. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO he thinks and asks the question " pleae how long do you think he will be because im in agony here " The reply is bad being told " It will be at least 4 hours ". OH no what can i do then he asks her which brings back the quote of the week by far in typical caribbean fashion " TAKE A SEAT PLEASE IN THE WAITING ROOM "
Poor Oranges it just aint been his week. Room cock up, in total agony with back, suck out after suck out against him, cant get money out of broken down cash machine so is told he can get cash out his poker account at desk. What is charge for doing this- 8% yes 8% of amount withdrawn. Wow he betta improve his ROI and quick at those rates.
Get well soon m8y.