Its 16 days and counting to the Caribbean Classic in St Kitts. Dont want to sound a moaner but Ive been amazed and flabbergasted as to the very poor handling of our flight booking by the Crypto agent who is based in Canada. Im not the only one so that makes me feel better- i just hope I get there OK and will not be totally convinced until Im sitting in my seat on the plane and on my way.
Flying out one week earlier than start of tournie for a week of relaxation with my wife and a few of the regular online crew. Dont know what it is but I have this strange feeling Im gonna do well.
Hit bad patch on Pacific so decided to move to Poker Stars to give that a try. Bad start but Ive recovered and am now cashing regular in small stts although I do find it totally different to pacific but more enjoyable tougher game even though it is very low staked games Im playing.
After weeks of barren Friday nights at the Grosvenor I eventually got back to the final table despite being only 2400 at the break. Chip and a chair stuff.
Final table was total joke with a trainee dealer not having a clue what she was doing. When only 4 hands are dealt in a 20 minute level then you know something just aint right. After a few moans I became the bad boy and so bored out my skull decided to push with 1st sight of hand I got. A9 was enuff utg which hit AQ and bye bye in 8th place which to be honest I was glad to get off the table.
S2C2 had the joy of finishing in bubble position 10th but hes now getting reasonable consistent finishes there.
Good luck to Drunkenmaster7 on full tilt but I know hes already hitting good results so be lucky and keep trucking.