Y aye man ccanny lads. Its congrats to another Grosvenor regular opponent from final table Ben Holmes ( you do know him rest of teamdobbs ) Slogging it out till the early hours he gained a seat in the main event from the last super satellite of the week. 8 seats were up for grabs and the critical hand came on final table when Danish guy in mid position with reasonable stack pushed all in with AK. Im standing behind Ben at the time and its bingo time for him when he looks down at AA. Showdown for Denmark and his AK lose puts him in desoerate situation devastating his stack. Few hands later and its BB putting him all in. 3 callers check it down and showdown gives 3 full houses with Danish guy at wrong end of it.
Megga well done Ben and another Geordie through to the biggie.
The afternoon 400 freeze out saw Luke ( Meg80) make final table although he relatively low stacked. Congrats on 7th place for about 1700. Brill bud and he was deffo best supported player at final table all week. Crucial hand of final was when 9 handed a push all in by Noseyboy guy from DAAAARNNN SARTH was re raised all in by ClintonO and then anutha all in followed by an aggresive skandie. MONSTA POT. Showdown gives Nosey 88 Clinton AQ and Skandie KK. Flop of 245 brings turn of 8 and woops from Nosey . Rivvvveerrrrrr miracle 3 and Clinton straight takes him big chip leader. Classic crypto stuff.
Few hands later last 6 chop it up with Clinton taking down 1st popsition and a nice little 10k.
Decent nite for me clearing over 1000 in stts and me n Animal troop down for burgers and off to bed. Nite nite and no eartquakes please!