Die slowly steve maclaren

Well its a very bemused gyposdog here, im fucking distraught at englands pityfull efforts last night. What that stupid ginger cunt maclaren was thinking of i dont know but its fair to say he didnt do what he was meant to do and therefore has been sacked and rightly so. The thing that nearly pisses me off as much as us not being there, is the fact that useless horsemouthed cunt is getting a WHOPPING pay off for being shite at his job WTF? Personally id of loved to dig out the old footy boots and stamped his p45 down his throat but thats just wishful thinking. On a much lighter note id like to say a BIG BE LUCKY LADS to all the gang out in st kitts and a special be lucky to teamdobb and azimut, i think this could be the one, we still 10%dc?


TEAMDOBB said...

10% only when you here m8y. hope you dont miss out but i got feeling you mite. phew so hot i gotta go