wow - here is a rarity a blog post from The card guard kid. in all honesty since we changed the look of the blog i had forgotten how to post and DC reminded me last week so thought id stick one in now.

Well where to start - i suppose firstly recent poker form has been roughly the same as ever - running terrible and some bad beats - but interweaved into this have been some ok results. chopped circus £75 on saturday for £700 and 2 final tables week before in circus for aboot £500 in total is not too bad as i only really play one live tourney a week now. Even managed to spin $50 up to $1769 on line - even though its so totally and obviously rigged, so not a bad month for me and added to this some nice roulette shippers with me new found roulette partner ' the sensation' , couple of good horse bets, one secent football bet and even a profit on gettting on lucy to go on x factor after she had sung her sing off song at 9.4/1 has made last 6 weeks very profitable.
Our football syndicate on the NPF has come close last few weeks with us getting 3 scores right and being one goal off in other games - so chin up boys we hit it big soon.
Ok the last month has been a busy one for me as the run up to the championships and the stuff after has seen me spend lots of time at ' Bannisters HQ' recording bits and pieces which are now all on the forum and also our best video to date is on the blog now. Gotta say the sensations that turned up were real pro's and made a really hard job look easy - now just to get them injected with some rhythm and they be good to go!!!
Talking of the championships - VERY WELL PLAYED DC. pleasure to watch for 2 days and so pleased a mate and fellow dobba took it down - well deserved imo. Honorable mentions to COGB for a great showing in final tabling, MAG1892 so so unlucky to be bubble boy for 2nd year in a row and stumpy for getting close - since becoming a dobba i watched his play more carefully and he is different class.
Have to say thanks to everyone for the nice comments and messages regarding the championships. I really really enjoy doing what i do and i hope it comes across in the way i try to entertain. Im sure im not to everyones taste but pleasing the majority will do fine for me. Its an easy job when ya like doing it. Bad mention for honourary dobba juicy oranges who took great delight in skinting the bookies this year - £700 taken in bets and £1200 paid oot - thanks mate gonna be a bad xmas in the CGK and DC hooses this year!!!!!!!
Ok onwards i have a little surprise in store for xmas and me and S2C will be working on something special and hope to get it on the forum by xmas eve - if it comes off be well worth waiting for.
reet typed oot now so laters
and dont forget if ya wanna know what else is going on ' WATCH THE NPF NEWS'


TEAMDOBB said...

oooooarrrrrrr ooooarrrrrr Bob Geldoff

stumpy said...

nice results steve you run soo good