Getting better

Alrit stumpy here,

Its been a busy 3 weeks starting off with the forum champinship,a great 2 days of poker and some great craic.I built my stackup nicely till about 22 left out of 100 had 40k when Sean Mcguigan raised from the sb i have aj bb so i ship it in, Sean calls with 77 flops a set nd im down to 10k a few alins with atcs and we are down to 20 players nd back next day I have 13k.

Meet up with DC nd Scott for dinner nd have a laff before we set off for circus, dave is chip leader and i know how much he wants to win his own championships and if I cant win im hoping he does, well he bought Mr nd Mrs Stumpys dinner ye nah lol.

So day 2 I need a dup and Ridlas is in the bb and I tell him im pushing if its folded to me as I run so good v the Ridla,1st card is an ace so I ship nd take the blinds sos Ridla,then I win another pot now on 27k next hand DC raises I have ak sooted allin calls 77 1st card ace weeeeeeeeeee 3rd card 7 im out in 15th gutted but pleased the way I played and over the moon for DC who went onto win. Great weekend and a great result for DC nice 1 mate

Went to circus on the tuesday and chopped it 4 ways for £340 and some much needed points in the league im in 8th and top ten qualify so in with a chance, finished 12th last week just missing out on points so 2 weeks to go prolly need 1 more ft to make it.

14th november was the grosvener team game my debut for the dobbers,I was full of flu on arrival,risked a bottle of corona nd never looked back,deffo a flu killer haha,got off to a nice start with a dup from BobtheGob who cudnt fold aa on a 642 flop i had trip 2s.Bob didnt even make the buffet so plenty left for everyone, I work my stack upto 18k when I get aa I raise farmer dave 3 bets me nd hes priced in to call with aq so now comfy on 38kish but then get moved and totally card dead for ages but grind my way to final table.The ft i ship 1st hand with j 10 then dup with kk v the geeks j 10 then with 7 left we are told if me or philmc arent the next ones out we win the team game. So its fold for the win lol until a 3 way allin involving portanus a8 v gimac ad qd v Phil with qq flop comes 2 ds turn brick then rvr qd which gives gimac flush but gives Phil full house and we have won the team game and started jumping round like nutters with all the other dobbas who had stayed back to rail.It turned out to be a great event with 6 of the 8 teams from the forum.I went out 5th and samj went on 2 beat portanus headsup. The rail from 3 tables down was class,with the sensations, dobbas, radgies, northern lights, nd the cubs making it a great atmosphere.

My online grind came off the rails last month -$1200 worst month so far ran really bad and also had flu for 2 weeks and shudnt of played tbh, just hope it changes soon.

keep on smiling stumpy.


Ridla said...

The first hand you shipped on the Team Game FT was my BB as well you stumpy bastard.. im gonna call with ATCs next time out of pure spite.

Good write up as always stumps