Grosvenor team event.

Firstly, congrats to the lads for taking the team event down.

As always I enjoyed the crack and had a good time in general. I haven't posted or played for a while so it's good to post something nice however, I have come to the conclusion that I shouldn't be playing at the moment. I knew this anyway but my performance today confirmed this.

I played awful all day, got lucky in level 2 to suckout a river when all in for a chop and things didn't get any better.

Without going into detail I later got myself into a situation with a team mate that a little observation would have prevented.

I should feel happy to be part of the winning team tonight but I don't. I contributed nothing and really must have a word with myself and sort things out.

Tonight should have been a night for celebration but my self loathing has taken over. I was that dissapointed with myself that I left straight after busting out and for that I apologise to the lads.

Well done lads on a great job cementing our place as the top NPF team and look forward to the next one, aslong as it's not anytime soon.


Phlmc said...

Pleased to see when you do something wrong (in your opinion didnt witness)you dont just think oh well; but the key to this game is getting on with business the next time, each new game is a clean slate.

I played woeful at the champs and I adapted last night by not drinking. If it doesnt work, then change it; no use beating yourself up.

Just as much a part of the winning team as anybody, and wished youd stayed around as theres plenty more to a team game then scoring points.

Everyone makes mistakes and quite often one mistake does for you; or if ya a radgie doubles you up.

Chin up lad

stumpy said...

1st mistake nee drinking, thats twice ive seen u play with nee drink nd uve been shite (haha)and id wished you had stopped 2 see nd been involved with rail which was awesome from 2 tables down. chill out nd njoy ya poker you are a grovesner team champion after all.

TEAMDOBB said...

theres so much more to the team than winning mate.
stop cutting yaself to bits and chill and enjoy the fact ya part of the best group of lads yill ever want to be associated with. Ya not judged on ya poker results and the sooner ya realise that the better for you.

p.s. ya missed the most important part of the night 2 tables out and what its all about

Daniel Trett said...

Don't be so harsh on yourself cowhead72, afterall Mr E made the call so at very least he has to take equal blame. Was good crack on our table & I enjoyed your company. Take it easy ;-)

Jimmy Chipmunk said...

Chin up man Cowhead you made a couple of small mistakes at the poker table so what everybody does your worst mistake was missing the celebrations at the end,your a champ now weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!