Hey kids,

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, dobbas take down the grovna team game- finally we won one of these.

Been a while so Ill start a bit further back. The champs, drank the night before and caned it as soon as I got there; played awful, less said about my disgraceful state throughout the night the better- shameful and a shambles tbh.

Errr played a few games with little joy until teamdobbers rolled up to the grov for their team game. Piss poor starting table, couple of good local players with a few hero fish, happy with that. Made a few plays added a small bit to my stack then after the first break het moved. Got down to 6K from a start of 7K decided to make a move on durrrr wannabee and sealed a couple of ok pots, got moved had around 11K. First hand utg limper for 600 I make it three, the donkey of the costa family ships for 3600, with KQ to my AQ and makes a flush; down to 6K. Only player I had much respect for (couple of decent rocks but not my concern) to my right and went about nicking and outplaying horrendous radgies.

Got moved to dobbas table hes tanking it as are sewell and faetzie (local crackpot) on other tables for the dobbs. Nick the blinds a few hands then reraise dreamdobb (not a dobber) and he calls with AJ to my KK and it stands. I then get a sweet run of cards and tally up a good number of chips; would have had way more if id had been playing more regularly live. Let myself get short after going totally carddead. Ship all in on stumpys missus' BB and she snaps me with JJ to my K6, two 6s on the flop and a dobba celebration later and im back in business. Junior bomba of the sensationsships in my sb and i see an A and snap call knowing he has air. A5 vs Q6 and I spike the A to take down a tidy pot. We at this stage have 3 in the cash after having 9/30 and its really tight between 4/5 teams. Canonlygetbetter goes next and leaves just me and stumpy. Im on the hustle now to get off the shortstack and go for first but the bubble burst on a massive pot between two radgies and a small one for another radgie crippled previous. tut tut looseman an accountant and hadnt worked out that if he only had to survived a couple of places and they were basically nailed on to win.

Me and stumpy play a holding game on FT and it really starts to go our way as players fall. when a sensation falls we know they cant beat us as we already had a point over them and now had a further 3 to add. Our last threat is looses radgies with just gimac left but two scorers on the ft bubble. sewells pap raises utg and gimac shoves his shortstack; i look down at QQ and see it instantly as a spot to take him out and win the game with the added bonus of another player in the pot to take him out. flop is 10 10 x, cant remember if he flops the flush draw or makes it on the turn, river is a heart; but the Q of hearts; I just about treble up and a massive celebration ensues; after the tards on my team realise he hasnt got the winning hand.

Weve won and i inform stumpy im now gunning for him for the craic. In reality i wanna see a dobba ship it. stumpy is next gone and its just me two radgies with massive stacks and a good young player samj of the sensations (and their ever awesome rail). Hes let sewells dads unorthodox play tilt him abit and is the only player left I could really accept getting beat off. Sensations need to outlast one of the radgies for second so I set about smashing up the radgies abit. raise to 25K on smoggies BB and he insta reraise and tbh gives a woeful tell, and i snap allin he calls; I show AQ he show 10, 6cc and tries to explain his appalling play but its obvious he just did it coz his cards were suited. He obviously wins as shite play always gets rewarded and im out in 4th. Go off to gather myself and react as maturely as i can and shake all players remainings hand, but want out of the cardroom so i dont have to hear the excuses for the play, as I know ill say summit Ill regret (as ever).

Go back and cheers samj on as sensation rail has been matched only by dobbas and tbh the only two proper teams. He takes it down in a grudge match against sewells dad after a chop for the money.

Thoroughly enjoyed it, rail was awesome and the win was just simply great


TEAMDOBB said...

awesome performance end of!!!!!!

showed what its all about

Anonymous said...

firstly very well done on the win and your team deserved it.
the call you went out on was a poor call, by which time i was pretty smashed to be fair and got very lucky. however we all need that bit of luck i suppose from time to time, shipping with k6 is probably an equal example of this, never mind its all over and you did excellent with as you said a low stack and ground out the win with stumpy. well done again..

Jimmy Chipmunk said...

wp phil

stumpy said...

welcome back phil, if sum 1 had told me i wud be dancing roond the cardroom nd hugging you nd all the other dobbas i wud said they were mad.but have 2 say it was a great day nd great laff wp sir