Alrit Stumpy here,

Its been a busy week, starting with last saturday travelled to m,boro for the new £100 f/o,was doing well and down to 3 tables from a 120 runners when i get 88 raised and the biggest fish on the table called, he had been on my table most of the day and I know he likes his A rags and KQS so when the flop comes AK7 and he bets into me I insta fold and he shows me ace, now down to 24k and pik up AK, buzz ships in before me and I call he has JQ 1st card K weeee then QQ and im down too 2k allin next hand and out.then I sit down on the £5-£5 plo cash table with £200 me and DC go halfers and I come off with a £200 profitso just a small loss on the day.

Monday morning I have another losing session on full tilt its been 3 weeks of running bad so decide to have a go on pokerstars and buyin to a $33 mtt and few hours later im doing a 3 way deal for 2.5kish weeeeeeee so im staying on pokerstars until i start running bad.

This years online total now 12k. A hand from the stars mtt I was on the button with AQ raised sb calls bb calls flop AQJ 3 allins and the hands were sb QQ bb JJ me AQ mmm thanx stars.

Tuesday was at circus with Mrs Stumpy,my tourney was awful and ended when raised with A6 1 fishy caller flop AK5 i c-bet he calls turn Q i have a horrible feeling he has KQ but my only move is allin and he calls with KQ!
Mrs Stumpy gets another 4 way chop for £335 and this takes her into 3rd position in the league not bad as she has only been playing 1 1/2 years, I make £40 in cash and im still 8th in the league so it looks like we are both going to make the playoff.

Thursday I play aspers £30 f/o and finished 7th losing 65K in 2 hands,1st hand button ships for 32k sb ships 16k and I have A 10 bb i no im winning the button and the next 4 places pay similar money so i call button JQ ,sb 77, flop J73 and im last, shit! then next hand 77 allin called by QQ nd out for £80.

Saturday was at aspers for oneway poker £50 f/o and couldnt believe it got 200+ runners and got seat 1 and dealt for 7 1/2 hrs and was knackered when I got in, didnt get much all day and grinded my stack upto 28k av 45k and 45 back for the next day.there was 2 lads raising lite all day, I was waiting to catch them and Sunday I started picking up some hands,young lad raised again and I shipped on him with KK he folded next orbit he ships allin with 8-4 and i call with AA lol now i have playable stack and hang round 100k mark when all my raises get thro without any action till I push J-9 allin and bb calls with 22 and I brick it and finish 12th for £160, really pleased with the way im playing just need a break at the right time.
I met some of the lads from oneway poker and have to say they were canny craic and a nice bunch of lads.
Its been a busy but enjoyable and profitable week.

Keep on smiling,