Women F******g Drivers

i hate women drivers

as some of you know I'm a delivery driver for a local Chinese takeaway , i do about 30.000 local miles a year , so in that many miles Ive seen a awful lot of things that drivers get up to , especially the women , don't get me wrong we've all seen some pretty amazing stuff , but Saturday night had to top mine off .

going to a delivery in hebburn from the low sima estate i go round a roundabout to be stopped halfway by an oncoming car , guess what it was a women driver the funny thing is she wound her window down and started effing and blinding at me , she soon stopped when the police car 2 cars behind me put its blue lights on lol , anyways gets to my delivery address and park round the back in car park , only gone about 2 Min's and i get back to the car park to hear crunch argh my new car , out jumps this women in her 30s who's the fuxxing idiot whose parked his car here , well Ive got to say i seen red , i told her that she must be fuxxing blind not to see a silver car with its sidelights left on to the left of her car , after about a min 4 guys appear saying I'm in the wrong cos i double parked ( must have been half of her inbred family ) to which i say how the hell is it my fault when I'm not even in the car.

getting nowhere i phone the police as the guys are just itching to smack me , so police turn up and shes still protesting her innocence , to which police women says to me i cant believe her shes hit a parked car , and she even says women drivers eh.

not much damage to my car just needs a new wing and damage to bumper , my insurance phoned me up on Monday and got me booked into a friendly garage and said they would contact the women's insurance company , gets phone call today off her company and they tell me they have instructed her to claim full liability ( even her insurance has had to tell her ) , so all in all sorted now , but god they are thick sometimes.

on the poker front only played once since teamgame , was at stanley's last thursday and ended up heads up against tubbs it was about 4pm and we just split with him taking the 20 points and £240 each.
gonna play this Thursday , but not much until Xmas as work is very busy.

gl all on the tables


Ridla said...

She drove into a parked car, with it's lights on.. Totally unavoidable situation mate obviously, the hand plays itself.

UL Boss

Jimmy Chipmunk said...

Lol i could write a book on my incidents with women drivers the most notable came when Cheryl Cole decided she wanted my lane on a busy roundabout and nearly killed me in the process and had the audacity to give me the death stare the slag.
Death,taxes and women drivers Col all sadly unavoidable.

take care