Still limping but winning!!!!

alreet Stumpy here,

Just thought I would catch up on the last two weeks starting with Aspers on Fri 11th Dec when me ,Mrs Stumpy and Teamdobb was joined by Looseman to sample a few coronas and beat the big field,Teamdobb made the ft but was 1st out in 9th shipping AQc mid to find KK waiting for him in the BB.
Played £5/£5 dc,with me n Teamdobb going halfers again £100 each and soon had that upto £730 until I misplayed a hand versus Geremi the Newcastle footballer who was a complete fish when he 1st started playing but hes alot better now and it took me back down to £330, so only a small profit on the night.

The next day was the league final at Circus 60 players sat down to play for the 4k pot,I started as one of the shorter stacks as I only finished 7th in league with 7.5k. The nightly winners got 20k so had some work to do!got my stack up to 13k at the break by playin AA bit looser than usual and hitting a few hands, peaked at 28k when there was 15 left when I got 77 raising and it was Alis bigblind who was to short to pass and he called with j10 and ob Ali hits when does he not and Im down to 11k. Somehow grind my ss to ft when Im forced to push 64 utg only for Fatpants to look me up with AQ and Im out. I get £100 plus another £37 as swapped 20% with Samj who finished 5th.Would like to thank all the staff at Circus for all the hard work they put into the cardroom cant praise them enough tbh.

Next game was the staff bounty game at Circus and was a total right off for me nd Mrs stumpy. I dumped me chips off to Mrmagoogle when I knew he hit trip Qs when I had KK and Mrs Stumpy had KK v Alis 88 aipf ob 8 and it was an early night for the Stumpys weeeee.

Then it was back to Aspers on Friday night just me and Mrs Stumpy this time and we both made ft Mrs Stumpy 10th me 9th so sick but still a small profit.

Then on Saturday night we went to the 1st NPF xmas party we had a great night and was a good turnout despite the weather

My online sngo grind has hit the buffers on full tilt but luckily ive had 2 more fts on Pokerstars in the same mtt that I chopped for $2.5k. Ive since finished 5th for $585 and 3rd for $1800.I will do my online grind write up early in the New Year and my goals for next year.

Had my mri scan results and Ive snapped my cruciate ligaments and torn my cartiliage so just waiting for operation date,Physio says recovery time might be as long as 6 months ,Ive already been off 4 months now and I will go on half pay after 6 months so Im goin to have to bink a few more of those mtts to make my wages up.

Merry Xmas all from Stumpy


Daniel Trett said...

Awesome month for the Newton household, VWD all KUTGW.

Jimmy Chipmunk said...

Dig in Peter and you'll soon have your wages well covered,gl