General Update

Why hasnt the blog picture been changed FFS me and stumpy carry you lot to victory (hes only ickle aswell) and I havent even got a pic with me in the team photo on the right of the blog; omgz I run bad.

Anyway; on the poker front; made a couple of FTs at Circus but nothing special and find recalling hands boring. Back on the slippery slope of roulette after owning grovna 10p touchbet for around 2K in the last few days; oh to be able to quit while ahead.

Won 700 dollars from that daft stake thing azimut started; where i small cashed and spun 19 bucks progressively to around 700; and this has taken over from my proper games elsewhere as its so much more fun at this level and dont really need the stress or hassle of playing the kind of games I do on party.

Ill post again when I actually win at poker again (probably win when Im sober; hence ya may have to wait a while)

Much love



stumpy said...

haha sik wins deffo need new photo mind u we will have 2 take it pre tourney so we get cg nd cowhead on lol