Finally back to the online grind.

Hello all.

It's happened, I finally decided to make a deposit and play some online poker.
I've been out of action, give or take a few games here and there for about 6 months now and saw the thread on the NPF about the NCOPS so decided to throw $110 on Full Tilt and play a few.

That was Last Wednesday, I've had only 4 sessions playing including a 4th place bubble in NCOP #3 (OBVIOUSLY).

Aside from that I have basically been playing sngs. 6 max,9 man, 45 man and 90 mans.
I started well in my first session and found I'm actually enjoyed it. (good sign)
Buy ins: $57, money made: $153 I made $97 first session almost doubling my roll.

Second session:
Buy ins: $82.50, Money made: $109, profit: $26.50 (again enjoyed it)

Third session:
Buy ins $61.25 Money made: $73, profit $12.75 (3 sessions in a row enjoying it? no way!)

Fourth session:
Played the NCOP#4 PLO $15+1.50. Basically donked out fo the tourney committing the ultimate PLO cardinal sin overplaying AAXX so deceided to switch off laptop.
Buy in: $16.50 Money made: $0 profit: -$16.50.

Fifth session: Decided to play a few mtts aswell as sngs. Went deep in the $11 superstack 10k guaranteed finishing 81st from 2117 for $32.81 which was nice but the demons got hold of me, a reason Ive avoided playing for such a long time. I got pissed on bottles of Stella and half a bottle of Vodka. Stumpy was railing and chatting to me on Msn and asking "do you usually play like this when I went into Pissed-Super Aggro mode,lol. This tactic actually worked mid to late in the tourney as I had the weakest table ever but the hands I did lose were decent size pots so for all the stealing I did I didnt end up building my stack as much as I should have. Then the inevitable, I get unlucky on my exit hand and could/should have folded on the turn but the drink and tiredness had kicked right in and I gambled when I wouldnt usually.
8 hour session and breaking even which I should have been happy about in a way but I got pissed-super-aggro-fuck this! head on totally ignoring and saying "Fuck BRM!" and decided to play some sngs.

Played 14 sngs ranging from $5 to $55+5.

Total buy ins including mtts $$336 Money made: $359 profit $23.

Total Buy ins so far: $553 Money made: $694 profit: $141.

So, all in all pretty good first 6 days back. Learnt (another) lesson last night despite turning a profit that drunk poker is losing poker. Sample size for my start is still tiny but a profitable start is a good one in anyones book inspite of the time Ive been away, but the main thing is I'm actually enjoying the grind. I decided to post this up here in order to keep myself in check and possibly inspire me to keep a cool head and stick to strict BR management which, to be perfectly honest I haven't done so far but, I plan on doing from now on. $250 roll is enough for me now to play $2-$5 games comfortably and see how I go.

I'll try to keep up a log and let you all know how I'm doing. (New Rule number 1: self control and patience and to stop saying "FUCK THIS!") or it's back to the Taxi's.



stumpy said...

nice to cu bak playin nd njoyin it keep it up. well except the pissed bit lol

NoCash said...

Excellent work. there seems to be a lot of hate going around for online poker lately (from live players especially) so it's good to see people making and go of it...and winning!

I'm sacking off NLH totally and learning PLO. Seems to be where the dead money to get good!

Jimmy Chipmunk said...

good luck with the grind