Lose yet win!!!

Decide to make the trip down to Teeside Gala to take in their new monthly £100 game with £1000 added.
Travel down with fellow Dobbas Can Only Get Better & Stumpy joined by SamJ and get there in good time for registration. Had a max field of 120 and pre reg before 5.50 got you an added 1000 chips in a 9k stack. 1st 2 levels of 45 mins followed by 30 mins and a finish time of 4.30 was always doubtful taking into consideration the breaks and start times which was proved to be right. Game ends up chopped up 8 way with chip stack ratios and Chipmunk took away about £1400
As for me well I had bought COGB into the game on an agreed split so was double handed in and although for most of the game COGB looked in such a good position to make a decent cash he eventually bust out 12th with the main damage being done when his mid pos raise was shipped on and his call with 77 was outdrawn by the shiping AK.
I had started really well and had a very good table in that it was very passive and I was able to easy take down alot of pots and grow at a good pace. That was until this hand in level 2 of 50/100. I make it 400 with AA to get looked up by the BB. The flop of 248 rainbow was nice and i bet 800 after he checks it. Turn brings 6c giving 2 club board and after another ck I put in 2k to which he ships all in for over 9k. Ive probably got 10k behind and after bit of table talk n vibes coming back Im sure hes setted up so fold face up hoping he will also show his hand which he does............................. 99!!!! mmmmmmmmmmmmm well played!.
Wouldnt mind any comments for those that can be bovved to reply
Guy slow plays AA from the sb on me in 3 way pot and his set is too much for my 2 pair which does more damage. Eventually as blinds n antes are biting I ship my 9bbs with 66 to get looked up by the BB with AK who houses up.
Decent enough game with room for future improvement with excellent pot of £13100 and chops for Chipmunk, and 3 other NPFrs that included Avkid, Buzz n Lynne Beaumont

Put £100 into cash game with Samj who returns £160 and £100 into Stumpy for £5/£5 Omaha table and he ship out with £415 which covers the costs and a slight profit for the night. Totally wrecked leaving around 3.30am with final table about to start and fall asleep as soon as I get in car so apologise for bad snoring all the way home to the 3 lads in the car

edit: Play the Poker Stars millions for our NPF syndicate and get min cash for $315 going out around the 1000 left mark when shipping c/o with 55 for 40k n BB obv thinks Ive got A3 as he snaps with A4 to bink an Ace wp


stumpy said...

nee snoring just catching flys good company as usual, plo 4 the win

Jimmy Chipmunk said...

Snoring ftw imo lots of hours,age,angry at protege blow up during final furlong :) sorry paul just kidding he was a cock and had the full table on tilt.
Just because you were ahead does not make this a bad fold in this spot imo as without a good knowledge of player your behind :( Teeside is the donkey capital of the north east so next time saddle up the horses and call,yeeeeee haaaaaa

Daniel Trett said...

Folding their is fine IMO, especially w/100BB's left their's no reason to stack off w/AA. I'd probably call because IDK if he would move AI w/set but if intuition said fold then I guess I would kick it in, face down though. Nice profit for you anyway :-)

CanOnlyGetBetter said...

Apperantly that cock u speek of Chipmunk is a multi-millionaire and only plays for the craic ! Yeah great craic m8.

But DC has every right to be peeved with me, that exit hand was the only mistake i made througout and letting that tool tilt me was and is unacceptable, still kicking my self now. was chip leader for so long anal grrr, just hope i get another shot to redeme myself. Live and as they say eh,

ps well done Dave and the others that ca$hed :)