Mags NPF Champs

Only played live once in the last 6 weeks so I was really looking forward to this weekend for the most prestigious NPF tourney of the year, also meeting up with old and new members of the forum.

Day 1
Before game starts meet up with a few friends that I haven't seen in a while especially my good friend Philmc , who I haven't seen in a while due to work commitments , great to catch up with my fellow dobba's also Xenecode , cgk , Chipmunk , COGB , Stumpy , Teamdobb & never seen Cowhead but apparently he was getting drunk :).

the game . Gets a tough table table with some impressive players drawn on it , Roscopiko , Gottilt4 , Herbie and the very impressive Jon Lundy amongst others , tbh every table was pretty impressive with the cream of Newcastle playing this tourney.

As expected Jon Lundy was dominating in the first level , picking up on week plays and betting to get players off pots , then Roscopiko wakes up and starts getting involved in some juicey pots with Jon , was some very good play by these 2 in the first 2-3 levels , Steven the teacher was our first casualty , after limping into nearly every pot with the likes of 9 4 , j 3 and q 7 etc he limps into another pot with Lundy , flop was 9d 7d x stevn bets Jon re pops which Steven calls t is 4d Steven checks Jon bets river ah steven is allin Jon calls with jqd for flush Steven as js ? lol.

My first big decision of day comes when i get JJ utg+2 I raise pre to 1600 after a raise Jon calls who is to my immediate left and the Quietman goes allin for about 7.5k everyone else folds so back round to me , after thinking for about 3 mins I fold ( im thinking hes hardly played a hand and Jons still to act am I actully in front at best its gonna be race ) Jon calls and to my horror Quietman shows 99 and Jon shows 105 s , Jon hits a 10 to send Quietman to the rails , the table gets busy with a few players getting put on and leaving shortly afterwards with Roscopiko taking a few out , and also had a very good stack of chips .

Few hands later I pick up 10 10 on sb or button I raise to 2200 with about 6k left Jon repops allin , now hears my thinking , Ive seen him make that move loads of time with air , so Im hoping hes doing it again , and I call he says before I show nice call I got 99 u got 10 10 , very impressive call Mr Lundy , anyways my 10 10 holds ( phew )

Hand of the day upto now , Jon raises pre Herbie ( paul herbinston ) calls , flop 10x 4s 2s Jon bets Herbie flats turn As Jon bets Herbie flats r 10x Jon goes allin for about 9k Herbie thinks for about 30 seconds then calls and shows 10 10 for quads ( slow rolling git lol ) Jon shows q9s for 2nd nutflush and Jon exits and shakes everyone's hands ( respect )

few hands later few limper's then Ross raises and Herbie flats everyone else folds , flop is kx jx 9x , ross bets herbie flats turn qx putting a poss straight on the board , both check river is another jack to which gottilt4 ( chris waught ) says thats a brick to which ross bets 5k herbie goes in the tank then says allin to be called by ross , ross shows 99 for fh 9s over js herbie shows jk for fh js over ks , Ross looks shellshocked.

Few hands later Im on button and it limps around to me I call with 10js flop jx 6s 4x Rosco bets 1k ish I repop to 4k he repops another 5k on top Ive got 12k in front of me so I think Ross could be steaming and easily have air so I call the 5k , turn is qs to give me flush draw aswell , Ross gives me the eyes as its him to go I tell him im all in whatever he does , he checks I push he folds , he tells me next hand he had AJ i tell him what I had to him shaking his head at dissapointment in me :p ul ross m8.

ross then gets moved from our table , and its break time for buffet ( yum im starving ).
shortly after we break tables and i get moved to herbie hackets table , first hand utg i get akd i raise goes round to mr hackit and he shoves allin , i go in tank thinking ive still got half my chips if i lose so i call he shows ak for split, nothing much else in hands steal a couple of blinds in position , and i get moved again with 30 left and i manage to surive to 20 players with no hands at all , got 23.9 k with av chips at around 33k , but theres some huge stacks td got about 145k and a few others with 90 80 60 ks , so theres a few short stacks.

get to speak to a few guys phil, steve then head off home , giving the crisps boss ( gaz walker ) a lift cos hes been on the pop all day :)

day 2 arrives and im hoping i can get a quick double up on blinds of 1-2k with 200 antes , stting on my table stumpy benh, jimmy , graham , heribe hackit , teamdobbs , steveie brennan , and ridla sry can rember others names , few circuts pass with a couple of players making moves and stumpy doubles up , then ridla raises utg+2 gets to me, i got ak so i shove allin , he thinks for a while then calls with j10d ak holds up and i double up to about 32k , few more rounds and im bb jimmy utg +1 raises gets to me i got kk i shove he calls hes got ak , my hand holds and i double upto about 55-60k , we lose a few players stumpy , pjbaces etc .

gets to last 12 and cgk comes over and says other table has agreed to next 2 out gets their money back to which we agree , number 12 goes out and its bubble time nothing much going on except teamdobbs adding to his almighty stack with a few nice hands , some of the hands i folded preflop are 77utg 55utg and aqc to a raise then re-raise before it gets to me .

i then say to steve ( cgk )whos standing behind me ( compere ) this is where i went out last year , he replys not this year you wont , ( last year i bubbled with aa to hamids 55 to which i stormed off cursing my luck and breaking every speed limit set ) :P

im on sb and no callers i look down at 66 ben h is on bb and theres about 9k in pot so i shove , he looks down and instant calls ( opps ) hes got kk which hold , im left with about 6.7k , next hand im allin with 55 and there 5 callers lol lowest card is a 9 which sends me out again on the bubble for 2nd year running lol.

got to say 1 thing even though im dissapointed i cant change my exit hands with blinds at 2-4k.
i shakes everyones hands , and what a great set of people they are , and i draw out my number for the raffle prize and i win a coffe machine ( lol i only drink tea ) later i donate it back as i cant justify taking summit i wont use.

very good lineup for the ft with teamdobbs , fatpants , cogb , sean mcguigen , herbie hackit , herbie , ben h , stevie brennan , junior bomber and bgr.

i go for a gamble on the casino slots etc and wonder over to ft from time to time , plus we can hear cgks commentry all the time .

gets down to the last 2 players and i go over and see ben h move all in ( 150k ) and teamdobbs calls hes got 850k ben a3 td kj , jack hits flop and its all over for this year and the champion is dave ( teamdobbs ).:):)

got to say a few things though, firstly a massive thanks to cgk for the comparing he done it for 2 days while trying to play also , and what a smile he brought to everyones faces. ( respect )

scott / dave for organising this again .

scott for quality structure and also sitting there for nearly 2 days when he got bad beated with his AA going down to a straight aipf.

the casino staff jimmy , gary and all the dealers, it went so smooth. :)

and lastly to a well deserved winner and also one of the nicest guys around and im proud to say im a friend of his teamdobbs .

looking forward to the 14th when our team will be in action again at the grov .

roll on next year .

ps if i manage to get to the final 11 next year im going for a walk lol.


roscopiko said...

always the bridesmaid?

wp again mate solid performance and sure you'll be there or there about next time out.

Phlmc said...

So sick Col, but only good players bubble- inserts paragraph criticising graham robson :)

Great to see ya mate; I hear that the great one may play for dobbs on the 14th so ya there- a bit less drunk; not exactly a hard target