Run good continues weeeee

Alreet Stumpy here,

After finally getting my internet sorted I realised it was my laptop that was the problem doh, so after pinching mrs Stumpys laptop I fire up a few mtts on tilt and ship the $10 547 runner for $2,110.10, then the next day I finished 4th in the $10 superstack 1128 runners for $919.60 a bit gutted with the 4th as I deffo made a mistake with 4 left, button raised and I 3 bet when I should just shipped allin, he still might of called but at least I would of played the hand right.The trouble is ive hardly played since then because of work and playing live in the Gs mini festival where I finished 7th in the £75 game, the bubble ffs! had a small saver with teamdobb who came back to form with a 3rd place nice one Dave,didnt play the next night so sent in my sub Samj to play the £100 game but no return from Sam sigh.

The main event was a £200 link game with sheffield with the g adding 4k wow, it ended off with about 90 runners and after day 1 five came up from sheffield to join the 20 left in newcastle.

My 1st table had Jon Lundy on who totally dominated the table and it was so much fun to watch him bamboozle a few on the table upto the point where this fish/novice open shoved with aj for 5.5k when blinds were 100 -200 I was in the big blind with ak and hold to get back to above the ss of 15k which was a releif as I had butchered a couple of hands.Then I win a couple of small pots off Jon when I called with 2nd pair on the flop and he gave up, then i called with A high on the flop and he gave up again he wouldnt of got me off 2nd pair but the ace high I might of folded.Then i go on a great run of cards

kk v qq aipf and I hold.

95 in the bb utg raises mid pos calls iImake it up flop q32 chchch turn 9 I ch utg bets near pot Icall putting him on fd rvr 5 I ch he bets near pot and I call he has missed fd weeeee upto 73k av 20k.

kk v aq I raise bb calls flop 10s10c2s I get ch raised allin for 22k more I call and he has aq off turn is ace ffs zsxdfvnde bollox down to 35k

a9 v kk Dave Heathfield raises mid pos calls I call button ad9d flop 109 2 Dave cbets small I call turn a chch river 7 ch and I bet 6k which Dave pays off with kk

kk v qq aipf this gets me back to 73k

Ended day 1 with 63k av 40kish

Day 2 25 players left and the deck smacked me in the face until the ft

Went from 63k to 203k without been allin

kk v?? raise flop k high 2 clubs c-bet called turn blank bet fold.

Dave Heathfield raised I flat button aq flop kq 7 dave cbet I call turn blank chch rvr q ch bet fold

aa v qq Dave raises again I 3bet he flats flop jhigh he donk leads 17k I have 55k behind and ship allin he tank folds qq.

kk v ak utg limps I raise bb he flats flop 1072 I cbet he calls turn 3 I bet he reraises I call river j i ch he chs shows ak.

Then its bubble abuse time and I pick up some easy chips on the bubble until this hand sb kd9d I raise the really tight bb defends flop q83 1diamond ch he bets 3k into 20k pot so i call turn and I ch he bets 6k i call and river is a diamond I bet 30k and he snap calls with qq lol.

FT was abit frustrating got off to good start when I flat raise with 1010 on button flop a22 chch turn 7 bet call river 4 he bets 3/4 pot and I call he tables 33.After this just maintain stack then when 4 left my raises get shipped on until3 left and im ss with 13 bbs I ship with 9d10d Hugh Frew calls with aj flop a 9 turn a 8 but river puts straight on the board for a chop very next hand ship with aq this time Hugh has ac4c flop 4q10 2 clubs and the club on the turn and I bite the dust in 3rd place for £2.9k.A quick mention to Dave Atkinson who lost qq v aq then aa v aq v qq to go out in about 15th also Teamdobb who lost ak v 88 in 12th wp ul.
Went for a meal with Gaz Robinson and Teamdobb it was a great laugh as we had been drinking since 4 and then Gaz and I went to Aspers for a drunken cash game finally got home at 7am.

Keep on smiling Stumpy.


Daniel Trett said...

Good job Stumpy, nice to see you back to winning ways. ;-)

Mac said...

I actually find Stumpy and TD coming back to winning ways a little worrying :)