Monday 9th May at approx 17.00 and myself and my son Scott make the decision to close down the Newcastle Poker Forum. Sad day for local poker and the local community we grew and developed but tbh not a very difficult decision for us to make. The forum had in our opinion went in a different direction to what we wanted and was becoming a total pain in the arse to run due to certain factors & elements. Dont get me wrong in that we achieved so much in the 3 years it has been running with the biggest main thing being the huge circle of friendships we created from all different types of people which also brought together friendships that may never have materialised without the NPF. We created unique games in an atmosphere we wanted poker to be played and added what we believed was how poker games should be played by seeing smiling faces and a social event based around a stupid game of cards we love to try and conquer. We also gave the local community a strong platform to vent their opinions which eventually moved casinos to sit up and listen and offer some of the best value games ever seen in the area and probaly some of the best value games anywhere in the UK coupled with giving them a large captive customer audience to freely market their games and services all free of charge

Why did we close it down ? Simple really in that we stopped enjoying doing it and it was beginning to effect our business, our personal and our family/home life. As such time to move on and I hope all those involved each took something positive away from the NPF and everything we did and Im sure alot of players locally are much better off for it
I d like to thank so many people as theres so many great people at the NPF but a few especially I would like to mention are as follows:

Scott my son for his foresight to see the need for the NPF and his dedication and hard work he put into it which most wont even be able to understand the amount involved.

Phil McNally who in the early days of the forum was a real driving force and took the forum in the direction we wanted as he was one of the very few people that fully understood our purpose and reasons for creating it

Mr Entertainment Craig Foggo who was always the life & soul of any party and always there for anything we asked for and someone I became very close friends with.

Stumpy who I got to know properly at the Caribbean Poker Cruise which then developed into a very strong friendship afters playing against him many times but not knowing him at all and someone I brought into the Dobbas to such great success

Looseman my accountant who contributed so much at the NPF and then developed a great squad of real true genuine people in the Radgies which included such huge characters like Koyte, Apokerlypse, and Smoggie who then devloped the very succesful Smoggie Online League on poker stars on Wednesdays

Dreamdobb who works for me and simply carried on his enthusiasm from when he played football for me into playing poker. Some great moments of daftness never to be forgotten there

To the many of the younger element who have been on msn to me and said their thanks Id like to say it was very much appreciated and know at least some actually do realise how much the NPF taught them about not just poker but about genuine people and true friends.

Last but not least has to be The Cardguard Kid who became a very good friend of mine but who simply gave his lot to the NPF and made me enjoy so much of what we did together because it was always fun and enjoyable to do. Myself & Scott take our hats off to you Steve Wills especially


mag1892 said...

very sad day.
gl in the future dave/scott.

koyte said...

feel like ive lost a family member, thank you for the 3 year of enjoyment , was a great time ,so pleased to have been part of it, friendships crated ,are a lasting legacy of all the hard work
thank you Dave and Scott

Amatay said...


david said...

a huge loss to the poker community of newcastle and beyond. but personally to myself and wendy who have made so many freinds.
its such a shame to see something so good go the way it has.

when you remember some of the classics like the dobbas last stand and the reply from the dobbas , this for me in my early days on the forum got me hooked and personally feel like koyte that i have lost a family member because we were a big family.

thankd for all your efforts dave/scott

Mike & Louise Saban said...

Sad to hear you've shut it down Dave, looking from afar it was known to be a very succesful venture and made a lot of other communties envious for something similar. We'd like to thank you guys and all involved for the 3 team events over the last few years, all fantastic weekends and wish you all the best for the future.

Jimmy Chipmunk said...

Shame the minority have to spoil it for the majority :(

Cheers for all the good times Scott,Dave,Cgk and Foggo

Nee craic poker it is then.......sigh

KQ4EVA said...

I am a relative newcomer, compared to some u mention, but have loved being an active member over the last year or so - things are not gonna be the same now, but as I said to u in PM - GL and speak soon in the real world hopefully.

Thankyou for everything - Captain.

scoop said...

im gutted that this has ended, feels like waving all your family goodbye whist they emigrate.

thanks for everything chaps, and to all the people I now class as marras.

Daniel Trett said...

Dave. I'm sure I'm one of many left disapointed with the abrupt end to the NPF, but fully respect both yours and Scott's decision. I have met a number of great friends who I almost certainly wouldn't have spoke to (least not half as much) without NPF. I guess what I'm saying is thank you mate, the NPF has given me and many other local players a brilliant platform for friendship. Good luck in the future pal, see you at the tables. ;-)

rubes said...

Gg scott,dave cgk etc big loss to the comumunity and many people who skive at work :)
Thanks for everything.

nemesis said...

Sad day,gl and see you in the real world.

albj10 said...

Many thanks to Dave and Scott for their hard work over the years making the forum what it was. It was always a source of entertainment, information and knowledge and will be sadly missed.

people will realise how good this forum was when it is no longer here.

All the best for the future Dave and Scott. many thanks

Stu - UK Sharks said...

A very sad day for UK Poker :(

On behalf of everyone at UK Sharks a big thanks for all your efforts, we've very much appreciated and have enjoyed being a part of the great live events you've put on!

You'll be sorely missed but we'll hopefully cross paths frequently on the felt or at live events around the country.

All the very best for the future guys!

bella stu and rachael costa said...

So sad what are we all going t do nowyou and scott will be missed but thanks because it was fun just sad it had to end x

Jim said...

I was only just getting involved over the last 12 months. Really enjoyed the crack on the forum and at the NPF events.
I think that this will mean a huge downturn in the Newcastle poker scene.
Good luck in the future and Many thanks for all that you have done for poker players in the North East.


Anonymous said...

machine here

am lost without the place fk me where will i ask for staking now! Im hardly on my laptop anymore gonna miss all you. The NPF was a a very strong link in my daily routine but all good things end and the ball that is life keeps to everyone will miss the crack for sure.

Anonymous said...

On behalf of Team Fiso, I just wanted to add further thanks for the amazing weekends you have shown us over the past three years. This is a sad day, but I have some world class memories because of NPF. All the very best for the future sir.