Running so bad

been a while since i last posted ,

since first week in Jan Ive been running so bad online but hardly played live , hopefully just a spell that everyone go's through , just only problem it seems to last forever lol.

last 4 live tourneys Ive played up till team game , Ive had pocket 10s beat by pocket 4s down to last 16 players , then £ 50 game i had jj go down to 88 , then with ak call Allin to a 54 hits straight , never mind always next 1 lol.

team game and I'm totally card dead , make a few blind steals to keep my head above water , then i get ak and its Allin vs kq , weee i hold for a chip double and i then get moved tables as their is only 45 left , im going well with a fellow dobba xenocode sitting to my left and we get into the points , then it happens again , first hand i call allin with akd vs j6 he hits 2 pair , then 3 hands later I'm utg with kk i raise andrizu calls with ak and hits his ace on the river gg me , but with 6 dobba's making the points we win .

play the £50 game on Tuesday and im on table with mac , Craig (his son ) and Sean mcguigan amongst others , 3rd hand in and the table donk who a few players were talking about before the game ( you know who you are ;P ) decides to call a raise by Sean on 25/50 guy to my left reraises sean makes it up and then donk calls , flop is 8c6c6s Sean bets donk calls guy to my left raises allin , Sean calls donk calls , guy to my left shows akcc Sean qq donk q6 no help with the rest and we lose 2 players (omg) , donk is now playing every hand next to go is mac ( apokelypse ) he doesn't show what hes got but on a board of 10 9 6 10 x the donk shows 108 off , few hands later its my turn , blinds are 100/200 i get 1010 on bb and i raise to 750 2 others call including donk , flop q108 rainbow , i check donk bets i reraise he goes Allin i got about 15k so i call hoping he has aq but knowing he has j9 , yes i was right j9 what a bellend he is , anyways im out and hes got about 60k in chips when we have 20 mins before first break lol .

so off i go on tilt to the roulette table with my £150 get down to about £40 and then i start hitting , 15mins later I'm up 1k weeeeee , so i head over to cash table and start with £100 , really good laugh with the likes of camel toe , andrizu , nemesis amongst others about 12 o'clock i see the donk again standing behind 1 of his mates at our table , i say still in ? he says no ( hahahaha ) donk , anyways about 1.30am i get up and I'm £270 up so pretty good night so far lol.

I'm hovering around the roulette but decide to play on the machines , im up and down for the next 4 hrs , and then mac ( apocalypse )comes over to tell me he won on chip count , got to say hes been playing awesome this year with a few big wins at aspers the g and hear ( wp m8) , so i head off home with money in my pocket for once :).

decide to play Thursday night in the g and im totally card dead again all way through first 5 levels , then i get kk and everyone folds lol , get back to av a little later when im Allin with my a7 to get snapped by a10 and i hit a flush omg doesn't happen to me :P , get to final table and after 3hrs of playing we decide to do a 5 way chop with most of us with similar stacks , but with blinds of 3k/6k , and the chip leader with 15 bbs we all get £350 each not bad for £30.

just hoping new month new goals ( play more live and online ) and also still sticking to my diet and training daily , 2ND week in January i was 17st8lbs , I'm now 15st 6 , i want to get to 12st 6 hopefully by July.

hope this post makes some sense , as ive only had 2 hrs sleep :p

gl at the tables all. :)


Anonymous said...

How can someone this dyslexic expect to run well!

mag1892 said...

hope this post makes some sense , as ive only had 2 hrs sleep :p

guess u cant read properly.