Sng Final Stats and Thoughts.

Hello again everyone.

After almost a 6 month sng stake backed by the Dobba's I thought I'd throw up the stats, wins, learns and fails.

For anyone that doesn't know I agreed originally to play a minimum of 50 18 man sng's a week for 6 months.

I'll keep things short cos you might think its war and peace written by KQ4EVA.

During the 6 month period I've made a costant profit averaging just under $1 profit per game and when you consider the stakes I was playing was $3.50's with a max payout of around $33 I think this is a decent rate even though varience kicked in late on and it dropped to around 65 cents per game. There has (of course) been ups and downs during this time but overall I'd say the return is resonable overall.

Key Points:

Personal problems got in the way of volume and I dropped behind and actually didn't complete the 6 months falling a few weeks short after agreeing with DC that we could call it a day. I'd like to have played more in this time but things happen that are unavoidable and Poker is a passtime/hobby that can be put on hold.

I actually tinkered with both the 18's and 27's for the first few hundred games and found that I was profiting more from the 27's and then concentrated on them more.

I also added in the odd 45 90 and 180 on occasions to fill a set when the 27's were slow in filling up.

I actually made a decent profit from all of these but near the end of the stake after speaking to Gaz and DC I cut these out and concentrated solely on the 27's.

So, as the graph shows I played a total of 780 games with a profit of $498 minus a $27 loss from a mtt session agreed by DC one Sunday as a change and treat. That left $471 profit with $30 in bonuses released making a total profit of $501.

Personal Wins: Playing to a set strategy set out by Peter even though the early stages are boring as fuck.

For the first 4 months of the stake sticking to volume set out and other than personal problems I'm 100% sure I would have met the required volume.

Not playing while drinking which was an absolute nightmare but I did it even though it was torture as I get bored very easily and can't relax.

Personal Learns:

I learned that I can be disciplined when I want to be in sticking to a schedule and strategy aswell BR Management even though these are things I practiced successfully in the past but hadn't done for quite some time. I sort of re-learned in a way, if you like.

I fucking hate sngs even though they are simple and filled with numpties.

With 27 mans taking around 2 hours to complete don't start a session unless I know I can be arsed to sit there for at least 4 or 5 hours if I want to complete a decent session.

Personal fails:

There was reasons for fails but they were still fails.

I didn't hit volume.

I just fell short of the 6 months.

I didn't stick to plying to 18 mans which I'd originally agreed even though I think it worked out better for the stake and for me personally.

I would have liked to have made more profit for both myself and backers but didn't hit what I had targeted.


I'd like to say a big thanks to Peter, Dave and Gary for the opportunity to take part in this. I must say the couple of sessions spent at Bannisters were invaluable as the lads were great and the rail from the lads at times was very much appreciated.

In hindsight I think 6 months is too long and feel that in future if the lads were offering this kind of stake to anyone I'd say 3 months is about right for this.

Anyone looking to do this type of thing in future give me a shout if you have any questions about my personal experience but, I'd say give it a shot it's a good way to gain/re-gain discipline in all ares of the game.

Thanks again lads.