May Stats & Vegas 2012 WSOP

Alreet Stumpy here,

Ive got some catching up to do as I was really busy pre Vegas and didnt have time to post Mays figures so here they are

Live mtts - +£350
Online mtts - $1100
online sngs - $90
weight - even
horses -even
Only decent score was 5th in Genting monthly £50 game for £500 55 v ak aipf

My Vegas Trip

Day 1
Mr & Mrs Stumpy arrived in Vegas at 4pm and we were determined to go straight into Vegas timezone we had an early chinese and we were in bed by 7pm LOL.

Day 2

We hit the shops bigtime taking in 3 shopping malls and after Mrs S had bought everyone a present she decided on getting xmas presents as well!Was really pleased to sit down and have a rest in the 7pm Aria $125 buyin game, finally finished 8th 88 v 99 aipf.
Knerrad and Teamdobb arrived without luggage but in good heart.

Day 3+4

Binions 1k buyin 98 runners:
We picked this game thinking it would be a soft 1k event, as it happened it was full of online sickos and decent live pros.I ran and played pretty well until the ft when there was 8 left the button raised I 3bet he 4bet I 5 bet overshoved with aq and he finds a call with a10 flop 10109 turn 8 river 10 and after the chip count we both have exactly 312k when the average was 300k. Ive never been so gutted!, everytime I make a ft with decent money uptop ive had some terrible beats and to be honest I still havent recovered.
We went for a couple of coronas then upto the Rio to reg for the wsop 1500 event then had a nice steak at the outback restaurant and finished off by playing the Aria 7pm $125 mtt but no one cashed.

Day 5
We chilled round the pool then met up with my cousin Amy and new hubby Phil, whos wedding we were at the day before we left for Vegas.We had a meal in the Hardrock Cafe then wandered down to watch the Bellagio fountains.

Day 6

The day had come that I was dreading, the helicopter ride to the Grand Canyon id promised Mrs S that I would do it but im scared of heights and I was shitting myself tbh.We got picked up and arrived at the Maverick base at the airport and introduced to the pilot, we then jumped in the helicopter and made our way to the Grand Canyon it was a strange feeling because it felt like we were hardly moving but we were going 145mph.We flew into the Canyon and landed on a cliff edge about 200 metres above the Colorado River and supped champagne and had some nibbles, took some pics then we headed back passing over the Hoover Dam and Lake Mead before flying over the strip and landing back at the airport.AWESOME.
On the night time we went to the Cirque de Soleil Beatles love show at the mirage and it was amazing,its a combination of gymnastics,ballet,acrobatics and acting all set to the beatles music all set on a circular stage with the cast entering from everywhichway you looked.A great day.

Day 7

$1500 WSOP Event
Met up with knerrad and arrived at the rio just in time for brekkie. I find my table and get off to a great start, and then add 4k to my starting stack after each level, im really happy with my table and running well until we get the table move, ive got 18kish av is 11k.I arrive at next table to be welcomed by two drunks who are playing really strange example I raise mp with 77 drunk bb calls flop 998 i cbet he flats turn q chch rvr 2 chch he has qq!We get to the last level of the night and I have 14ish bbs 400 left 297 pay and I shove a9 otb sb tank calls 99 i flop a fd but brick it.At least i didnt get a badbeat this time that made me feel better.............
We all played the golden nuggett $135 mtt 220 runners I got off to a good start but coudnt keep it up and went out so me and juicy went upto the Aria and played there $125 game and at the break I had 32k when the av was 11k until I lose qq v a7 aipf then kk v aj aipf 1st card k sigh then a7 v 1010 when I was short.I headed back to the Nugget as Kaz and DC were still in near the money so I joined Mark Trett on the rail, we get the coronas in and had some great crack, unluckily Kaz runs her 77 into AA flops a 7 but turns an ace, well done on your 1st vegas cash.We then rail teamdobb really hard until his headsup play lets him down and he finishes 2nd for over 3k was really pleased for him as hes been trying really hard to change his game and ive been brutally honest with him about his exit hands lately which must of helped as he played great with no mistakes.Thanks to Mark it was really great night with some brilliant crack and we all went to bed happy with a little % of Teamdobb in our pocket.

Day 9

Rest and recuperation round the pool until we get a phone call off Dan Trett tp play crazy golf at Circus Circus its doubles Mr &Mrs Stumpy v Juicy Oranges Knerrad v Dan Trett and Teamdobb,Knerrad holes in 1 on the 1st and burns up the 1st 9 but its still tight with only 1 shot in it until Teamdobb holes in one and Knerrads falls to peices when Dan gets the luckiest hole in one ive ever seen he hits it sideways it bounces off the side and lands in the rollercoaster that roars above our head as we all stand there laughing it roars back around and see the ball tumble slowly down, it bounces off Teamdobbs poundland glasses smashing them in two but the ball goes round the edge of the hole 4 times and hangs on the lip and eventually drops in when a group of americans trample by like a herd of elephants.Teamdobb holed in one at the last to win by 1 shot from Mr & Mrs Stumpy with Juicy and Knerrad last.Juicy me and Kaz had a few beers at Planet Hollywood and waited for the others who were going to get changed before dining in Changs when they arrived back we had a great meal in Changs which we ended off getting for free as Juicy kindly offered to pay so we span up the $135 with the help of Dan on the blackjack and Kazs number 6 on the roulette.We ended the night watching a band in one of the bars they had a request box and Juicy asked for Crocodile Shoes by Jimmy Nail, never did get to hear that one ahh well it was a great day.

Day 10

We met up in the sports bar in the Monte Carlo and had a bite to eat and a few beers while watching England win the footy and q for the quarters then we went back so Kaz could pack then met up with Dan and Mark Trett,Knerrad and Teamdobb to go on a dinner cruise organised by Dan on Lake Mead, we had a lovely meal with champagne as we cruised upto the Hoover Dam, a really romantic evening unless you were with 4 other blokes sigh.thanks to Dan for organising this it was a great night.

Day 11

We left Vegas vowing to be back next year to finally win something big.
Thanks to Teamdobb,Knerrad,Juicyoranges,Mark and Dan Trett for the great company in Vegas x

Keep on Smiling