Ups & Downs

Alreet Stumpy here,
Here are my stats from June
Live mtts = even
online mtts= won $1014
online sngos = loss $47

We had are ups and downs along the way but in the end we made a nice profit and hopefully we all learned alot one way or another.The next batch of players has already started and already they are showing alot of promise.We will have 6 players which is about the right amount so we can give them enough training.

Hardly playing live at mo but had a nice ft at gentings when mrs stumpy, craig newton and me all made the ft weeeee.Had a nice game of dealers choice at the g last month with julian,aryan,mags,gimac,sensh and nemisis and joined later by knerrad,mulhuzz and lecpet it was really enjoyable night a few beers, good crack ,and winning about £300 hopefully get another night sorted soon.

Im trying to turn $19 to $10k playing sngos and hopefully when roll is big enough i can add some mtts sessions my roll is currently on $462 so a decent start but along way to go.
Really looking forward to the ukipt at newcastle last year never really got a stack going so hopefully this year i can have a deep run.

 My nephew Rob Newton is a young pro cricketer playing for Northampton and this year hes finally getting a good run in the team and hes taking his chance well, yesterday he scored his 2nd 100 for the season after a couple of swashbuckling 50s,hopefully he will finish the season well and you never know one day he might play for England.

July stats
live mtts = loss £30
online mtts =loss $409
online sngos =win $326
live cash =win £600
staking =win $1400
keep on smiling stumpy