At least Mrs Stumpy got her garden done

Alreet Stumpy here

March ended with me pretty tilted, it started with a couple of the stakees doing some crazy stuff, then I backed Brian Ridleys horse Union Island I had $20 on at 7-1 but I had another £20 to go on. Just before the off my lappy froze and I didnt get it on Sigh it romped in tho weee. then I play some hyper sngos. Halfway thro 1st sesh lappyfroze again and then stupidly decided to play another sesh and it froze again which proly cost me a few. $200 Im now steaming and decide to go and take it out of the garden cutting all the bushes down but after 30 mins Im nearly passing out and Mrs Stumpy wants to go to Genting to get her live fix. Its the tuesday £20 + £20 game and with 15 left I have 60k and playing really well until this happens.
All are aipf 22 v 107 ,ak v 44 and qq v kq and Im out in 12th shortly after ffs.

I wake up the next day and realise i have to finish the garden sigh. I hate gardening but I crack on until the phone ring and its work. Apparently I had agreed to work for a colleague and theyve had to cancel a Middlesboro train because I hadnt turned up, whoops.
So I go in to finish the rest of the job but the company gets fined about £1kish for the cancellation and I get the piss ripped out of me from everyone at work.I finish the garden in the next few days so at least Mrs Stumpy was happy tho she had been asking me to do it for the last 5 years.


I went into the last day about $200 down so I decided to watch it on channel 4 to change my luck and before racing t mcoy gave 3 tips for the day Syncronised,Cloudy Lane and Attaglance so I put a £10 trixie on willy hill and scooped £1891 for the double.


Hardley played online in March I had 1 ft 6th in 30r on willyhill and and a couple of other deep runs but no joy
Live only played 5 times and played well but ran shit near the fts.

Sng Hyper Turbos

My starting roll was $130 as I started at $5 level and was going quite well. I was upto $592 so I started playing $10s and $20s but had 2 seshes when lappy froze which cost me about $300. Ended up a small profit for the month. Im going to give it another month and hopefully start crushing

live mtts - £239
live cash +£54
online mtts -$270
online sngos + $222
horses +£1800
live staking - £160
weight -2lbs

keep smiling Stumpy