Nowt queerer than folk

OK just past 1/2 way in our staking deal with various people from the 9 players we took on in January and a mixed bunch its certainly turned out.

Reasons for applying to be staked and play for us were all very different and as such the way different players have handled and conducted themselves has also been very different. Its been a huge learning curve for us and to be honest nothing really surprises me with how other people are but they certainly dont handle themselves like myself and the other 2 stakers involved.

Weve had one player go on super tilt after holding a very decent roll which was very disappointing as the main reason he applied to play for us was to try and prevent this happening as hes done it regular with his own money and by playing with our money and for people that I know he fully respects he thought it would help him kerb this reaction to any bad downswing he experienced. Unfortunately that bad downswing occured and he was unable to handle his natural tilt off crazy session which involved playing crazy buy in games chasing to recover his bankroll losses. At least he partly recovered his senses and stopped before going busto and shipped us our monies back with a small profit for the time involved.

Most disappointing for us has been having to inform 3 players that we wanted to end their deals mainly because they seemed ignorant of the rules and terms of the deal and seemed to think they could play any games they wanted without getting the necessary permission. They also totally ignored several requests for reports as to their roll progress when requested and seemed to take the impression this wasnt an important part of the deal they were playing on. As such we ended their stakes and over 2 weeks after informing them we have still not received the roll balances which simply says alot about them and how they have treated the stake although we have received part payments from 2. One player involved was actually telling us lies as they continually messsed us about after the stake was ended. Disappointed to say but says alot about that person and the life they lead.

Quite ironic to the above paragragh but the players who are doing the best are the players who are sticking to the guidelines we set out, the game selections chosen and the bankroll guidance we gave them. They have also been the most informative with stats and progress and seems are getting the full value back in return. Not huge sums involved although one player in particular has vastly increased their starting roll but games he is playing do have tendancy for large swings but in general the remaining players are all showing profit and nice stats and shaped graphs to go with it which means good progress being made.

Will we take on new players? Well yes of course BUT we certainly have learnt some valuable lessons and will be much more stricter in player selection and in player account access required before parting with our money and backing others.

Played the Poker Player Magazine Tour game this weekend with another blank return for the efforts. Decent field of 120ish and very good starting table that included some very capable locals and doing OK until given table move. Get moved to table which had a constant flow of players that were getting busted and slowly dribbled away chips in an attempt to accumulate them. Any draw I had didnt come and I continued to leak chips especially in a hand I defended my BB with mediocre holding to only flop the flush draw and turn the straight draw as well only to blank the river sigh......
I eventually shipped over an early raiser with 99 only to find he had AA and goodnight from me.

I then entered the side event as was only a small field but the value was in a £330 added GUKPT seat. Chipped up nicely and made it past the end of the re buy period with well above average stack. My progress soon came to an abrubt end shortly after the break when after an utg limper I raise mid pos with 77 for the limper to be only player to come along. Lovely flop of Q27 rainbow and my bet is called to turn of 9s. He checks again and Im rather surprised when he ships all in over my turn bet which I call. Big sigh from me when he flips over 99 and Im drawing to only one out.
Never mind always next week and deffo due summit soon

Be lucky