Mad Super Busy

Alreet Stumpy here,

Well its been awhile since Ive blogged its cos Ive been mad super busy lol.I invested into a new venture and didnt expect to put as much time into it as I envisaged. On the plus side im making more money out of it, but im either driving trains,helping the sngo stable or playing poker add the new venture in and it all adds upto MAD SUPER BUSY.

I played the UKIPT and lasted about 6hrs when I reshoved 16k when av was 19k over shorty allin and get called by big stack behind so it was jj me shorty 99 v ak and i came last.Congrats to Dave Knight who finished 4th and Alex Joblin who chopped for the most money hup but ended off finishing 2nd.

$19 to $10k challenge

Because ive been super mad busy i havent played as much as i expected but im going in the right direction current roll is $922

sngo stable

The current crop of players are a joy to work with and are slowly getting to grips with the sngo strategy i use.They are very enthusiastic which makes me want to do loads of work with them so hopefully its a win win situation and by the end of the 6 months they will all be crushing.

live poker

Havent played much over the last 3 months but had my fair share of fts and made a decent profit at cash.

A special mention to Dan Trett who for a few years wasnt getting the results his game deserved but this year hes finally getting the results after taking down the ukipt hi roller hes moved to oz and took down 2 mtts in Sydney KUTGW DAN and hope to see you in Vegas next year?

Finally a mention to The Cardguard Kid please please get well soon, I got to know steve properly when i went to vegas with him,sensh and gaz walker and had amazing time and great laugh.A great guy and hopefully he makes a full recovery very very soon.

keep on smiling stumpy