Dont bother mate!!!!

Looks like my non interest to play out 2008 is bearing the rewards it deserves. After Tuesday nights crap run of cards played an online Bronze VIP Club 10 seater final for £300 in winner takes all and dont know why I bothered. Fell asleep and woke up to the sound of Corras starting on the TV and the noise of "its your turn ya useless old git" as I look at the flashing Q2 and 30 mins later when very very comfy on a very passive table and comfy in chips play Ks10s from cut off and call a 3XBB raise from decent player to a flop of 10 high board. My bet is re raised to put me all in and knowing Im behind still make the call to see A 10 and the WP & UL in the chat box from him just doent ring home to me as I played hand like a shut ya eyes and hope player that looks for miracles- the type you find in most Poker Stars multi games.

Running out of games I intend playing and feeling better than I have the last few days I make the short drive down to Gala Teeside for their Xmas £200 Special Freeze Out. Probably about 8 NPF there which include Jimmy Chipmunk and Can Only Get Better and a final £14000 pot with 70 runners.
Level 2 and 1st break Im on a very comfy 17k from 7k starting stack mainly from guy getting married to top pair Jack after calling my AhQh raise all the way down with me turning the nut flush. Still OK at next break as we get down to about 30 plus players but as the antes kick in my cards just seem to get worse n worse and stack starts to dwindle. Raised out of a couple of pots pre flop by big bets when holding small pairs that hit and wudda been nice meaty pay offs but normal stuff then as I get to 9BBs I pick up AJ and change my mind about shoving and put in what was really a weak raise to one limper who makes it up for the 3k more needed. 339 board and I push after his check for my last 7k for him to call holding 7s9s which holds despite turn giving me flush draw with my 2 overs and Im really annoyed at myself as to how I played latter stages of this game especially my exit lap.

Talking about 339 boards Tuesday night when playing the Blogger game on Stars I was also watching Cardguard on another game who was going very well indeed when I saw this hand on his table. Big field standard multi game and there into the cash when mid position guy shoves all in for 75k and BB sitting with 100k about 40BBs insta calls and flips over 93. Yip 93 off and flop comes out 339. I simply dont get it tbh and it makes ya wonder.

Whats left well not alot. Last day at work today before Crimbo break and a couple of mad hours rushing round the Metro Centre trying to find something for the Mrs to open on Xmas morning which is officially tomorrow morning for my family ( Ill explain this in next post in couple of days as cant be arsed this morning)get my haircut and then Cardguards 40th Birthday bash at his favourite Chinese Eating House on Saturday night. Sunday night we drive down to Manchester before catching our flight to Dominican Republic on Monday morning and hopefully loads of sun, sand sea and whatever else all inclusive holidays bring ya.
Couple of games I would like to play online Sunday night which include the Blogger Final on Stars but not sure what Im going to do about these yet. May get one of the others to play em as my head just aint in it at the mo.