Class weekend all round

Xmas party time and being such a nice boss I am its a 3 day Easyjet special to Benalmedena. Shock shock shock as Easyjet runs spot on time and the mini bus airport transfers are even there when we arrive. Surely there must be a problem when we arrive at the hotel and they keep us waiting for ages to get in our rooms but hey ho wrong again as its a nice Spanish welcome and within 15 minutes the 14 of us are all unpacked in a very nice hotel for what we paid and looking forward to a few drinkie poos.
One of the lads says" Thought I recognised this place- was here the other year with the lads" well done Mac your observation skills are spot on again and 200 yards away is a cracking Irish bar with an X Factor Final Special night on - weeeeeeeeee thats me sorted cos I love X Factor. Although this program has its fair share of critics you cant dispute that from time to time it throws out an incredible talent and Leonna Lewis is the obvious example of this and from the start of this years my moneys been riding on Alexandra at very tasty odds so as you can imagine this is where my interests are with a very nice profitable return for her winning. day before flying out I take the sensible step of laying part of my bet off and only a JLS win can stop another profitable X Factor series for me.
Into the boozer for 8.00 and front row seats as we all settle down and out she comes and her 1st song which only happens to be my wifes all time favourite Xmas Carol silent night has us all swaying and singing for a great start with the bog roll being handed round as dust was flying in the eyes.
2nd song and as far as Im concerned the total highlight of the series when she sings with Beyonce and absolutely nails it. beyonce
As we get to the decision of 3rd place I must admit I wasnt fully confident as the other 2 contestants had a huge young following so was relieved when she gets through to the heads up stage. I simply know she will totally nail this final Xmas special and she certainly did.
Result comes in and its a vote on talent and the public have rewarded the most talented contestant with the right result. A nice Xmas pressie for me and a healthy Betfair account.
Sunday afternoon and after a nice Sunday dinner we settle down and omg the Mags come up with a half decent performance and we take it down 3-0 against the Pompey
Sunday night down the Marina area and the Square of Benalmedena and its funny the deals ya can do when the bars are all despo for ya business and 14 Geordies are wandering around looking to spend. From 1/2 price drinks to free cocktails I say thanks very much and to the dosey Spanish guy on the till at Dutch bar - ya wanna learn to count mate or yill be bankrupt soon!!!
Great weekend had by all and even Easyjet obliged again on the way back.

Years coming to an end and to be honest I wont be playing much poker with probably 2 more live games this week Circus Tuesday and may play the £200 game on down at Gala Teeside with some of my freeroll Alexandra money. Be even less online poker although Im sure will take part in the Poker Stars Blogger games if not me then more than likely be Gyposdog. Got a 10 seater final Wednesday on Virgin through the AWOP VIP Club for a £300 seat to any live UK game and thats about it. Its then offskis on my hols on Sunday to the sunny climate of Domincan Republic with the family and 2 weeks total chill out. Re charge the old batteries and onwards into 2009.
Took down the Newcastle Poker Forum mini millions league last night which gives me a ticket into the Poker Millions on Stars but more so the satisfaction of coming through a really tough league against some very good players with consistent high placed performances.
2008 has been profitable again and Ill post my final year end stuff very soon.


gyposdog said...

more airmiles than kissenger, enjoy it mate hope it all goe well in dominican

mag1892 said...

enjoy your holiday again!! lol.